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Rio+20 : Non-Governmental Organizations
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Organizing Partner
Jeffery Huffines
CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
Email: jeffery.huffines@civicus.org
New York, New York

Leida Rijnhout
Executive Director
ANPED - Northern Alliance for Sustainability
Chaussee St. Pierre 123 - 1040 Brussel
Email: leida@anped.org
mob: +32 494 89 30 52

Leonardo Rocha
Communication & Project officer
ANPED - Northern Alliance for Sustainability
Chaussee St. Pierre 123, 1040 - Brussels

Mr. Jan-Gustav Strandenaes
Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED)
Email: jg_str946@hotmail.com
Chaussee St. Pierre 123 - 1040 Brussels

Mr. Luis Flores
Consumers International
E-mail: lflores at consumidoresint.org
Tel: +56 26 322084 Ext: 13

Natalie Akstein
CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
Email: natalie.akstein at civicus.org
PO BOX 933, 2135, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: + 27 11 833 59 59

Mr. Henri Valot
CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
E-mail: henri.valot at civicus.org
Tel: +27 11 833 5959
South Africa
Participation and access passes Rio+20

Participation and access passes Rio+20 (PDF)

NGO Thematic Clusters

Many NGOs have asked for more specific thematic facilitation in the lead up to Rio+20. The NGO organizing partners invite NGOs to serve on one or more thematic clusters by contacting the designated facilitators in the matrix of zero draft priority areas below.

These proposed thematic clusters are voluntary associations of the NGO Major Group for the purpose of arriving at common policy positions and lobbying strategies. Read more here

Media tools towards Rio+20

NGORIOplus20 - a wikipage for posting messages and editing texts together. Used for preparing statements and joint-documents towards the Conference.

Rio+20 NGO - a ning social website where members of the NGO community can share news, discuss and inform each other on topics and events related to Rio+20.

Rio+20 Facebook group

Agenda 21: Chapter 27


27.1. Non-governmental organizations play a vital role in the shaping and implementation of participatory democracy. Their credibility lies in the responsible and constructive role they play in society. Formal and informal organizations, as well as grass-roots movements, should be recognized as partners in the implementation of Agenda 21.

The nature of the independent role played by non-governmental organizations within a society calls for real participation; therefore, independence is a major attribute of non-governmental organizations and is the precondition of real participation.

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