Side events at Rio+20
More than 500 on-site side events organized by Governments, Major Groups, Organizations from the UN system and other International Organizations will take place in RioCentro during Prepcom III (13-15 June), the Sustainable Development Dialogue Days (16-19 June) and the Summit (20-22 June). Please see below the preliminary programme of on-site side events in RioCentro. For questions, please contact us at

13 - 22 June 2012
Report on your Side Events
All Side Event organizers are able to self-report on their side event activities by signing in to their Rio+20 web account.
All organizers of on-site side events have been strongly encouraged to register commitments that result from the outcomes of their side events.

The on site side events will be held daily in Pavilion T and Pavilion 3 and will be open to conference participants with valid ground passes.

Click on the tabs to see listing for each day. For more information on each side event, click on the titles.