Guidelines for organizers
Criteria and Guidelines for Organizers of Side Events

  • Side events sponsored by Governments, Major Groups, UN system and other Inter-Governmental Organizations will be organized daily in RioCentro Convention Centre, in the margins of the official meetings of PrepCom III and UNCSD, as well as during the four Days of Dialogue on sustainable development.
  • The proposed side event should be relevant to the main themes of UNCSD, reflecting an approach to sustainable development that integrates its economic, social and environmental dimensions. The side event should constitute a potential contribution to the outcome of UNCSD, including voluntary commitments.
  • In order to ensure that as many organizers can be involved as possible, side event proposals should be based on collaborative partnering and involve several co-organisers.
  • One of the co-organizers of the proposed side event should be designated as a lead organizer. A co-organizer can not be designated as a lead organizer of more than one side event.
  • The Secretariat will prepare a comprehensive programme of side events and daily updates to be posted on UNCSD website
  • Publicizing a side event is the responsibility of its organizers. The Secretariat will not produce fliers, distribute notices, or run other publicity efforts for side events. UNCSD will be conducted and served as PaperSmart and the organizers are encouraged to refrain or extremely limit the amount of information materials including flyers, brochures and publications.
  • Side events are open to all accredited participants. Organizers of closed events or invitation only events aiming for an exclusive audience are advised to obtain alternative locations.
  • The Secretariat will make every effort to accommodate all eligible requests for side events. However, due to the high level of demand expected for side events during UNCSD, it might not be possible to accommodate all requests in RioCentro. Organizers proposing events that are of a more technical nature or that are not directly related to the above criteria are kindly requested to seek venues outside RioCentro.
General UN Rules Governing Side Events
  • Non-governmental representatives and other major group organisations proposing a side event must be ECOSOC-accredited; on the CSD roster,; were accredited to WSSD or received special accreditation for Rio+20.
  • Side event organizers can request equipment and services needed for their event, specified in the online request form. There might be charges for the related services which the event organizers must be prepared to cover.
  • Organizers should plan to hold their event in English or make their own interpretation arrangements as interpretation services are not available for side events.
  • The sale of printed materials or any goods on UN grounds during the side events or at any other time is strictly prohibited.
  • Side event organizers are advised not to set up displays or put up posters on meeting room walls during a side event or at any other time to avoid removal and eventual loss of their materials.
  • Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the UN meeting rooms. Activities that involve food or drinks, such as receptions and cocktails, are allowed only in the designated areas and must be arranged directly with catering services. The Secretariat will not facilitate such arrangements.
  • It is the responsibility of the side event organizers to make their own arrangements regarding ground passes, including for individuals, invited as speakers or guests.
Submission of Proposals
  • Any UNCSD accredited and registered entity interested in organising a side event must submit a proposal using the online Side Event Request online form and include a detailed description of the proposed event, its thematic focus, speakers/presenters and its potential contribution to UNCSD.
  • All completed requests must be submitted before 30 March 2012.

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