Rio+20 Issues Briefs
The UNCSD Secretariat together with its partners has prepared a series of Rio+20Issues Briefs. The purpose of the Rio+20 Issues Briefs is to provide a channel for policymakers and other interested stakeholders to discuss and review issues relevant to the objective and themes of the conference, including a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, as well as the institutional framework for sustainable development.

For overall information on the Rio+20 Issues Briefs, please contact Mr. David O'Connor, Chief, Policy Analysis and Networks Branch, Division for Sustainable Development at or Fax: + 1 212 963 4260.

Title Publisher Year
Issues Brief 1 - Trade and Green Economy UNCSD Secretariat and UNCTAD 2011
Issues Brief 2 - Options for Strengthening IFSD: Peer Review UN-DESA 2011
Issues Brief 3 - IFSD: Issues related to an intergovernmental body on SD UN-DESA 2011
Issues Brief 4 - Oceans UN-DESA 2011
Issues Brief 5 - Sustainable Cities UN-DESA 2011
Issues Brief 6 - Current Ideas on Sustainable Development Goals and Indicators UN-DESA 2011
Issues Brief 7 - Green jobs and social inclusion UN-DESA 2011
Issue Brief 8: Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building UN-DESA 2011
Issues Brief 9 - Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture UN-DESA 2011
Issues Brief 10 - Regional, national and local level governance for sustainable development UN-DESA 2011
Issues Brief 11 - Water UN-DESA 2011
Issues Brief 12 - Science and Technology for Sustainable Development UN-DESA 2012
Issues Brief 13 - Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport in Emerging and Developing Economies UN-DESA 2012
Issues Brief 14 - Population dynamics and sustainable development UN-DESA 2012
Issues Brief 15 - Migration and sustainable development UN-DESA 2012
Issues Brief 16 - Finance for the Transition to a Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication UN-DESA 2012
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