Information on Athletes Park
Shuttle buses between Rio Centro and Athletes Park are available on a rotating schedule every 15 minutes.

Information on Arena da Barra (HSBC Arena)
Shuttle buses are available from Rio Centro to Arena da Barra (HSBC Arena). Please look for staff wearing green SHUTTLE BUS shirts for direction. Allow thirty minutes to get to the Arena from Rio Centro due to traffic. Once you arrive, please allow ten minutes for entry. Government issued photo ID (passport) is required to enter the Arena. Accreditation is not required. The entrance to the Arena and a food court are on Floor 1. UN Major Groups events are located on Floor 0 (UN2, UN3, UN4) and Floor 2 (UN6, UN7).

The UN Major Groups office with the focal point for the Arena is located on Floor 0 behind the Print Bureau. Questions can be directed to volunteers present (in blue shirts) and to the Reception desk on Floor 0.

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UN Fax Control Centre in Riocentro:

Conference handbook

Note from the Permanent Mission of Brazil - logistical arrangements for Rio+20

Preliminary information to participants on the Rio+20 Conference

Rio+20: The Conference - Briefing on logistics by the Government of Brazil

RioCentro Layout

Security and safety advice for Rio+20 participants

Layout of Riocentro Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Click on the picture for larger view.

More useful information can also be found on the Rio+20 website by the Government of Brazil.
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Full details on logistics for Rio+20 can be found in the information note available on the right side of this page.

Dates and venue of the Conference

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (or Rio +20) will be held from 20 to 22 June at the Riocentro Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The address of the Riocentro Convention Center is as follows:

Avenida Salvador Allende 6555
Rio de Janeiro

The Convention Center is situated in BarradaTijuca, Rio de Janeiro, approximately 50 minutes by freeway from the center of Rio de Janeiro and a 40-minute drive from Rio de Janeiro International Airport.

The Conference will be preceded by the third session of the Preparatory Committee meeting, to be held from 13 to 15 June 2012, also at the Riocentro Convention Center. The proposed programme of work for the Third Preparatory Committee meeting is available here.


The Conference will be served PaperSmart through the ISPS portal ( The official documentation of the conference will be issued digitally at the conference site in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Circulation of written statements

Delegations and participants on the list of speakers who wish to circulate their statements in the Plenary Hall are requested to provide an electronic copy of their statements by emailing them to for uploading to the ISPS portal ( as soon as available and at least two hours in advance of their designated speaking slot. The statements may be sent two hours in advance of the designated slot for the speaker to be uploaded to the portal. The statements will, however, be made available to participants only when delegations deliver their statement.

Distribution of official documents

To conduct the meeting PaperSmart, all information related to the meeting will be delivered through the Integrated Sustainable PaperSmart Services (ISPS). The Journal and the programme of meetings and events, official documents, statements and press releases will be made available to view and download through the ISPS portal at In addition to the documents provided on this portal, services will be provided to facilitate the transfer of documents to mobile devices of delegations and participants and to provide print-ondemand services, when needed during the meeting. Delegations and participants attending the meeting are encouraged to carry their laptops or mobile devices including tablets to the meeting.

The meeting will be serviced through the ISPS satellite desks located in different areas in the pavilions and also inside some conference rooms. Participants will also be able to request documents in advance, in Braille by sending a request specifying the language to For any furtherinformation, please contact the ISPS secretariat at

The conference venue does not have provisions to store and distribute publications and documents in print. Participants wishing to share information may present the same on digital media, and where possible, in formats accessible to persons with disabilities.

Stakeholders are encouraged to upload relevant background material to their dedicated page on the Rio+20 website. For more information, please contact the Rio+20 Secretariat.
Access and accreditation
Access to the conference site and conference rooms will be granted upon presentation of a valid United Nations conference pass issued by the United Nations. Participants holding a conference pass are subject to screening at the main entrance of the Riocentro Convention Center.

Accreditation opening hours
7-10 June 9:00 am ? 6:00 pm
11-12 June 9:00 am ? 7:00 pm
13 June 8:00 am ? 7:00 pm
14-17 June 9:00 am ? 6:00 pm
18-19 June 8:00 am ? 8:00 pm
20 June 8:00 am ? 7:00 pm
21 June 8:00 am ? 6:00 pm
22 June 9:00 am ? 3:00 pm
For more information, please see: Registration.

Media Centre

A Media Centre for the use of all journalists accredited to cover the Conference will be located in Pavillion 3 of the RioCentro Convention Center. The media centre will be equipped with appropriate electrical power outlets for personal laptop computers, telephones, fax facilities, closed-circuit television and a press documentation counter. There will be limited seating available for print media in the plenary hall and certain other meetings, secondary access passes will be required and can be picked up from a Media Liaison Desk in Pavillion 5. In addition, there will limited space available for TV and Photo crews as well as for official delegation media representatives. Please check the media alert for daily updates during the Conference ( or via twitter@unmedialiaison).

There will be a large press briefing room in the Media Centre, as well as smaller auxiliary briefing rooms. To request a 30-minute press briefing slot, contact, telephone 917-367-3541.

The UN Department of Public Information will provide comprehensive print, TV, radio, webcast and internet coverage of the high-level Plenary meetings, roundtables and briefings, press conferences at Rio Centro (more complete information will be provided at a later stage). same organization.

Once pre-registration is closed, on-site registration by representatives of non-accredited NGOs or major groups will not be accepted. All representatives that intend to attend the Conference must be pre-registered before the deadline of 20. May 2012.
Major Groups Pavillion
There will be a Pavillion and working area in the Riocentro Convention Center for NGOs and other major groups. The Pavillion will have a general meeting area, and smaller working rooms for working meetings available upon request; the area will also have a copier and a few computers. This pavilion will be accessible during regular conference hours.
Visa requirements
A visa for entry into Brazil may be required. Participants concerned are strongly advised to seek information on requirements applicable in their case from Brazilian diplomatic or consular missions in their home countries. A list of the Brazilian diplomatic and consular missions can be obtained at: exterior.
Special shuttle services will be offered by the Government of Brazil to representatives of Member States, intergovernmental organizations, the UN system, major groups and media between airports and hotel areas, and hotel areas and Riocentro from 12 to 23 June 2012. A valid Conference access pass will be required to access this service. Prior to obtaining a Conference pass, the following proof of identity will be accepted:

See Shuttle bus schedule here

  1. Representatives of Member States or inter- governmental organizations: A diplomatic passport, UN grounds pass, embassy ID, an official letter of credentials or official letter of participation issued by governments or organizations;
  2. Representatives of the UN system: a valid UN Laissez- Passer or grounds pass;
  3. Representatives of the major groups: a valid ID together with a copy of the confirmation letter from the United Nations confirming registration in the Conference
  4. Representatives of media: a valid ID together with a copy of the e-mail from the United Nations approving participation in the Conference.

Questions about transportation should be forwarded to the Rio+20 National Organizing Committee at e-mail:
The city of Rio de Janeiro is located just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, giving it a very humid tropical climate. In June, the local temperature usually lies between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius, but there may be peak temperatures above 30 degrees. The rainfall level in Rio de Janeiro, in June, is 53 mm.

Full details on logistics for Rio+20 can be found in the information note, available on the right side of this page.
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