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Coastal Climate Change Solutions – from Principles to Practice
15 Jun 2012 - 15 Jun 2012
5:15 PM - 7:00 PM

Rio Conventions Pavilion

Ecosystem-based solutions to climate change apply ecosystem services in delivery of adaptation and mitigation outcomes. Coastal ecosystems offer particular opportunities to enhance the resilience of people to the impacts of climate change, while increasing carbon sequestration and avoiding emissions. By securing biodiversity and ecosystem services through management and sustainable use, conservation and development opportunities are also harnessed.
The event will provide a forum for open discussion on how the challenges in scaling up ecosystem-based climate change solutions in the coastal area can be overcome. Through brief presentations followed by panel discussion the event will illustrate key factors in achieving adaptation or mitigation outcomes in the coastal area through ecosystem-based approaches; raise awareness of practical tools and approaches and identifying needs for their further development; and demonstrate and enhance partnerships to broaden the base of collaborators and support capacity transfer for ecosystem-based approaches.
The event is organized through UNEP’s global partnership activities involving FMEB and CCAU, and discussion and outcomes will directly support and be integrated into these..
Oceans and coasts are given increasing importance in negotiations. This is reflected in submissions by member states as well as the draft outcome document, which contains numerous references to ocean, coastal and island issues, the vulnerability and value of coastal ecosystems services and the importance of international cooperation, capacity building and financing. The event will support discussions on ecosystem management as a basis for building resilient coastal communities and enabling sustainable development.
Recommendations with respect to key discussion areas (policy needs; development of tools and approaches; financing), of direct relevance to ongoing activities related to EBA tools as well as UNEPs Blue Carbon initiative and the GEF Blue Forest project.
Partnership development: broadening the base of collaborators on ecosystem-based approaches, potential identification of pilot interventions.
Identification of specific project development opportunities. The event may advance tentative discussions regarding development of a GEF project on adaptation in coral reef seascapes.

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