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12:00 to 13:00: How Research can inform the Green Economy Transition - Discussion tables with EU-funded project officers
18 Jun 2012 - 18 Jun 2012
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Athletes Park, UNEP Pavilion

The role of cooperative scientific research is vital to inform the green economy discussion. This event is part of joint EC-UNEP series, starting in Brussels, that will exhibit the important link between research and green economy via a series of events that aim to extract general lessons learned from specific outcomes of FP6/7 projects at EU and international cooperative levels.
This specific event will take the form of five separate discussion tables. Each discussion will begin with a presentation from an EU-funded FP6/7 project manager on the outcomes of their specific project. Participants will then apply a series of questions to these outcomes. Each table will be supplied a list of questions based on previous event conclusions on how research can best inform green economy policies. With the help of a moderator, the outcome of these discussion groups will be 1-3 key messages per table. These messages will be based on a group consensus as to how the project outcomes can be translated into a global context.

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