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  • Published on: 24 May 2012
  • Submitted by: Zoological Society of London
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Kids shout to be heard at Rio+20
Children from the capital came together for a ?ZSL+20 Youth Summit? to talk about important issues future generations will face if world leaders don?t keep their promises to protect the planet.

Seven schools took part in the event, held at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) yesterday. The 12 to 14 year old delegates worked together in groups to hold their own small-scale version of the Rio+20 earth summit happening in Brazil next month. They agreed on key points surrounding issues such as oceans, jobs, energy, and food and drew up a document called ?The Future WE Want?. Nominated delegates then made their way to Milbank, to present their solutions for a better planet to Sir Robert Watson, Chief Scientific Advisor to DEFRA, who said he was impressed by their proposals and would convey their voice at the Rio+20 conference.

The Youth Summit took place to coincide with International Biodiversity Day and raise awareness of the importance of the Rio+20 summit, giving children in London the opportunity to understand exactly how negotiations work and how they can get their voices heard.

When asked what they?d tell David Cameron if they had a minute with him, responses included ?We might not be grown up but we still have an opinion?, ?It?s not just about the UK, it?s about the whole world? and ?We should leave nothing but footprints?.

Children present also had the chance to make their mark on ZSL and ClientEarth?s ?Pledge for a Better Planet?, by stamping their fingerprints on it and signing their names. The pledge gives them a platform to demand that world leaders sign a binding commitment with them directly, to ensure they uphold certain promises. These include stopping the extinction of species, reducing pollution to safe levels and managing and harvesting fish and shellfish sustainably without damaging the marine environment and ecosystems.

ZSL?s Director of Conservation Programmes, Jonathan Baillie, says: ?It?s been a difficult 20 years since the past Rio summit, but going forward I have more hope. I think it?s the next generation that?s truly going to change things.?

ZSL will be at Rio+20 in June to present the ?Pledge for a Better Planet? for world leaders to sign. With over two thousand people already signing the pledge, including Coldplay and Duran Duran showing support on their facebook page, ZSL is hoping that influential people at the summit will not only sit up and take notice of what young people are asking, but also take action to make it happen.
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