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a) What are the expectations for the outcome of Rio+20, and what are the concrete proposals in this regard, including views on a possible structure of the Outcome document?

Setting parameters based on same goals from learned experts with vision.
Our Common Future 1987. Agenda 21 1992. The UN sets aside a day of the year recognizing social and environmental issues facing the planet, e.g. The World Day to Combat Desertification has been observed since 1995. The International Day of Peace was established in 1981. 1992 The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty has been observed every year since 1993。UNCCD 2000, 60% of the Earths? environment is damaged. 1993 of the 79 nations in conflict 65 are impoverished-developing nations. 2000 the world promised 5% of military spending on poverty reversal. 2011 USA suffers 9% unemployment many in poverty. Poor hungry people will do angry things for equality globally, mostly ending in war as those with the power to address inequality often go about such influenced by bias or ill informed advice. President Carter Global 2000 report, a man from the land!......................................Franklin D Roosevelt quote, a nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. UNCCD 45nations have passed the red line of sustainable soil

RIO+20 -+ 2011-2020UN declared as decade of biodiversity awareness is, a common goal!
We must bring all into a master plan no longer addressing awareness but implement real action!
Many environmental and social agencies global and national operate within set parameters, budgets, and protocols. These boundaries are with respect, inhibiting reparation of our ailing home and business Earth INC and her assets. Reparation must be as if on a war like footing.
Take one nation bound by ancient laws and protocol that has hand-pollinated for 22 years, China Recent PRC media releases.
[China Daily]August 2011, China will take 300 years to reverse deserts -ZhuLieke is the deputy director of State Forestry Administration. At the Desert?s Edge: 90% of China?s Grasslands Deteriorated. Of the 400 million hectares of grasslandit covers more than 40% of China. China is heavily investing in southern hemisphere nations? farmland believing such to be fertile to grow food for Mainland China. The investments made without study and due diligence is in poor land! Ancient laws yet to be upgraded prohibit individual from leadership,decision and action.
World Bank September 2011 specifies 3 billion people+ live in poverty.90% loss of pollinating bees in the USA alone! 90 of the 100 basic foods including fodder need pollination!

Albert Einstein: ?If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left. No more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.? Hence the claim by Benjamin and McCallum that the disappearance of billions of the world?s honeybees suggests we are facing ?an environmental crisis bigger than climate change?. Climate change is recognised as prime cause of bee decline UNEP.Loss of bees compounds!

We can lower CO2e reverse poverty desertifcation without serious impact to national accounts/.

b) What are the comments, if any, on existing proposals: e.g., a green economy roadmap, framework for action, sustainable development goals, a revitalized global partnership for sustainable development, or others?

Here is a suggested plan, a road map for RIO+20 taking all the teachings of visions past including RIO in the decade UN Biodiversity awareness decade! Deeds not words!
First a brief journey! RIO+20 should take a high road and assume the title of Receiver of the near bankrupt business Earth INC. Last chance really! Ad-hoc thinking has repeatedly failed!

Data gathering by receiver to save the business from collapse,and move forward to sustainability!
Recognising that;
The world is a Bank a Bank of assets that have not been restored, replaced, repaired or recycled.
Supporting that;
The only Assets of the Planet and Man are Soil, Water, Vegetation, and Atmosphere all else but commodities!
300 years of industrial development and land-use clearing back to deserts is prime contributor to loss of biodiversity, mass CO2e build up, this, leading to serious degrading of life sustaining conditions, food, fodder, bees, microbic life, changes in rainfall potable Water sources. Deserts reflect heat to upper atmosphere hence pre-warming, plus CO2e and serious methane emissions.

Set the plan, the rules of voting for attending the conference no exception as receiver appointed!
The world can support 9 billion for a time provided we set plans to show the historian of tomorrow that, critical accounting of assets-use is mandatory, and, place a true fiscal, environmental and social value on all the assets. We add to IMF reporting carbon exchange values along with fiscal reporting.

As receivers of Earth INC all agencies join together as in war cabinet, for this is the war to end all wars. Nature?s power has not really been shown in its full strength! Global cooling a reality!

Data and Heads of Agreements in place!

Asset reparation
(1) Grow soil in deserts! Deserts actually hold needed moisture for appropriate vegetation to grow to reverse deserts. UNCCD UNHCR nominate deserts relative to Poverty Impacted Nations. Restart the Carbon Cycle plant out into desert include offsetting volcanic emissions

(2) Lower mass CO2 into CO2 C4* sequestering, soil making vegetation! UNFCCC to monitor measure with NASA input to soil storage exchange/ CO2 scrubbing!

(3) Planting to be from windward to prevailing rain carrying to transpiration vegetation WMO with NASA set model of potential rains

(4) .Income, food and care for participating nation?s Farmers committed to returning to farming herding. UN Food programme with transparency to monitor!

(5) Nation in poverty that commit to cease-fire and aid desert reversal protected by UN security.

(6) Farmers, Herders to be trained in cooperatives and given, land tenure management including coop operation accounting marketing training.

(7) Instead of the failed UNFCCC Kyoto Carbon Trading scheme in its present form, wealthy developed and developing nation set clear legal accounts for their contribution to developing nations environmentalrestoration! This measured by CO2e reductions into soil, soil-carbon and be given (A class credits) with a significant fiscal tradable value. Domestic Bankers et al not permitted to trade only certified hands-on traders engaged at front line preparation to apply to UNFCCC RIO+20 Rules. IMF verify

(8) Nations that can contribute aid in form of certified seeds livestock services in the form of tools {melted down from war apparatus} and or vehicles, shelter, shall be given a fiscal carbon credit value WB ADB as certifiers. Verified by UNCSD

(9) Nations joining that, recycle garbage sewerage plastic metals et al provided such are additionality UNFCCC word granted Carbon Credit status.

Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much Franklin .D. Roosevelt

c) What are the views on implementation and on how to close the implementation gap, which relevant actors are envisaged as being involved (Governments, specific Major Groups, UN system, IFIs, etc.);

The World leaders not trained in any of these issues are seeking guidance and quietly leadership as they did Rio 92. To continue under a mass of agencies with set budgets protocols the twain shall never meet! Asset reparation demands a receiver with a dedicated plan to repair and restore Earth INC to a perpetual sustainable level, for the historian of tomorrow demand such today.
Recognising anthropogenic CO2e build-up has been increasing for 300+ years via industry and land use change to deserts,coupled with the corresponding lack of C4 vegetation to sequester same back to deserts and, add to Natures demands to lower the mass build up we face 3 decision. (1) continue to hold UN like COP MOP Assemblies and demand all parties commit particular developing nations before their nation will do so. (2) Demand emision at source be stopped and pray for clean non polluting energy or (3) learn the billions of years that Nature has demonstrated as the process to return to and maintain the environs in equilibrium.
If Rio+20 decides that (3) is the best route then following a simple but strict protocol Mankind of the 21st century can (a) lower CO2 (b) reverse global deserts to grow food fodder within 1-2 years and in time forestry in (c) initially developing nations impacted by poverty drought deserts (d) well plannedit actually make money doing same. This latter model will dramatically reduce Aid from developed nations whom can apply such funds to domestic needs. We have global examples of desert reversal to food fodder all within 1-2 years. The income can be rolled over for more desert reversal and social environmental needs.

We are in real trouble! Reparation well planned actually makes money for all committed!

Is there a leader in the house able to, close the sale of cost effective sustainability over bankruptcy, to restore the assets, reverse deserts, poverty, restart the carbon cycle, lower CO2 build-up, under a simple Nature? historical based long and repeated proven plan? Permit me 12.45 minutes to present model proof and verification.
Without prejudice
Robert Vincin September 20 2011

d) What specific cooperation mechanisms, partnership arrangements or other implementation tools are envisaged and what is the relevant time frame for the proposed decisions to be reached and actions to be implemented?

Specific Elements
a) Objective of the Conference: To secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development, assessing the progress to date and remaining gaps in the implementation of the outcomes of the major summits on sustainable development and addressing new and emerging challenges.

Contributions could include possible sectoral priorities (e.g., (e.g., energy, food security and sustainable agriculture, technology transfer, water, oceans, sustainable urbanization, sustainable consumption and production, natural disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation, biodiversity, etc.) and sectoral initiatives that contribute to integrate the three pillars of sustainable development could be launched and endorsed at Rio+20.

b) Green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication: views regarding how green economy can be a means to achieve sustainable development in its three dimensions, and poverty eradication; what is its potential added value; experience to date, including what has worked and how to build upon success, what are the challenges and opportunities and how to address the challenges and seize opportunities, and possible elements of an agreement in outcome document on a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication

c) Institutional framework for sustainable development: Priorities and proposals for strengthening individual pillars of sustainable development, as well as those for strengthening integration of the three pillars, at multiple levels; local, national, regional and international.

d) Any proposals for refinement of the two themes. Recall that Resolution 64/236 describes the focus of the Conference: "The focus of the Conference will include the following themes to be discussed and refined during the preparatory process: a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication and the institutional framework for sustainable development".


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