• Lead-organizer: Inter-American Bar Association
  • 15:30 - 17:00
  • Date: 22 Jun 2012
  • Room: UN7 (Barra Arena)

Please note that this Side event is taking place outside RioCentro in the Barra Arena.

E-sustainability Seminar

Organizing partners

Inter-American Bar Association (IABA)
Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (


The E-sustainability Seminar is a concerted effort between the Inter-American Bar Association and the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce to help promote technology as one of the foundations of sustainable development. The event will be composed of lectures given by experts on the technology and sustainability fields, enabling a broad understanding of how technology can help the world develop in a sustainable and affordable way, going through economic and legal issues concerning this matter. A round of networking will be held afterwards, to consolidate the efforts and explanations of the lectures and promote an even bigger cooperation amongst those who participate in this event.

Detailed programme

The E-sustainability Seminar, promoted by the Inter-American Bar Association and the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce is an event planned to encompass the economic and legal aspects of technology, which makes it an efficient tool for societies to promote sustainable development, and how technology can cooperate to the eradication of poverty.
The event will primarily rely on lectures given by experts on the fields of technology and environment. Representatives of important tech-companies and professionals of the environment and social areas are being prospected to lecture on the seminar. They are expected to address issues such as democratization of technology and usage of environmental-savvy technologies in commercial relations. After the lectures, a roundtable is expected to take place, and afterwards there will be possibility of networking.
The Inter-American Bar Association is the largest association of lawyers in the Americas, and therefore can provide a rich overview of the legal aspects of technology usage in the greening of economy. The Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce is the major representative of e-commerce in Latin America, having as associates the most relevant companies of this sector. Therefore, it can contribute with the presentation of challenges that those companies face in order to develop a more sustainable economic environment, while providing goods and services in the electronic platform. The identification of the challenges faced is essential to the improvement of technological means of reaching a sustainable development.
The conclusions of the seminar will originate a document which can serve as a concrete guide of best practices for entrepreneurs and civil society in general. Furthermore, the conclusions of the seminar can set the grounds for future measures and policies development, towards a green economy which leads to sustainable development.
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