• Date submitted: 31 Oct 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Member State
  • Name: Armenia
  • Submission Document: Download
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While supporting the major existing proposals over the policies toward the transfer to green economy and poverty eradication, further action plans, sustainable development goals, renewal of the global partnership for sustainable development (particularly to overcome identified obstacles towards implementation of Agenda 21 and the Plan of Implementation of the World Council on Sustainable Development), strengthening of institutional basis for Sustainable Development on the global and national levels - the National Council on Sustainable Development of the Republic of Armenia considers as appropriate:

To include in the Agenda of the Summit the discussion of the following issues, as questions to be reflected in the final outcome document:

? Establishment of integrated approach system, mechanisms and instruments on the transition from modern finance-economic system to ?green agreement?, in line with the principles of sustainable use, fair and just distribution of resources. Instrument of the adequate assessment of the green economy and reorientation towards sustainable development.

? Development and enhancement of the mechanisms and instruments for the promotion of transferring clean technologies; provision of information and financial assistance for introduction of new technologies for sustainable production.

? Necessity of extension of ?UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development? initiative , including basic principles of green economy and other relevant decisions of ?Rio+20? Summit. Special attention should be paid to the formulation of the mentality, corresponding to the principals of the sustainable use as well as moral fundamentals of the sustainable development which are reflected in the Earth Charter.

? The conclusions of the Summit should be elaborated based on the peculiarities and priorities of different regions and groups of countries (i.e. Countries with economies in transition), with the consideration of the local traditional knowledge and experience.

To include in the agenda of the side events:

? Promotion of inter-religious dialogue for sustainable development

? Elaboration of indicators (more preferably - index) of the green economy

? Review of the existing options of sustainable development index for obtaining consensus/compromise over the most adequate version(s)

? Exchange of the good practices in the following spheres:

- Local Agenda 21 implementation, activities on eco-cities;

- Implementation of projects in the field of education for sustainable development;

- Development of ?Industrial Ecosystems? by means of realization of ?industrial symbiosis?;

- Payments for Ecosystem services;

- Optimal coherence of green economy and green architecture for sustainable urban development along with principles of ?HABITAT?;

- Development of renewable energy to ensure stability of ecosystems, particularly - water ecosystems.
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