• Lead-organizer: United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  • 09:00 - 10:30
  • Date: 21 Jun 2012
  • Room: T-6

UN multi-stakeholder strategies for scaling-up and mainstreaming SD

Organizing partners

UNICEF in collaboration with UNU, UNDP, UNIDO and UNESCO


Learning for sustainable development is already acknowledged as a key in transformation towards more sustainable society. In order to achieve a green economy and green society, and to build a world fit for children, contemporary patterns of production, ways of consumption, applications of technologies, foci of innovation, policies governing major aspects of our lives and even the cities, towns and villages in which we live have to be radically transformed.

Detailed programme

A wide range of sustainable development strategies have emerged, led by UN agencies, international and national organizations as well as civil society. These practices have demonstrated their potential to engage and empower even the most vulnerable and marginalized communities equipping them with values, skills and knowledge to thrive and contribute towards a green society. These have proven to be effective in bringing tangible sustainability results by fostering democratic governance, creating jobs, developing more resilient communities and more competitive productive practices. While there is evident success of these transformative practices, they often retain a status of ?good examples? seldom giving inspirations for their required up-scaling and mainstreaming and using them as a core strategy for a green economy.

With a call towards new efforts for sustainability, new concerted efforts have to be undertaken to implement, in partnership between various sectors, transformational strategies for SD.
The proposed side-event aims at exploring multi-stakeholder partnerships and strategies that enable the implementation and concretization of sustainable development in areas such as urban planning, education, disaster risk reduction, innovation, research, etc. The event brings together representatives of international organizations that have significant experience in each of these areas.
The side-event will have four parts:
1. A world fit for children:
? (Proposed 6 minutes interventions: Child Friendly Cities, Child Friendly Education, Child-led Disaster Risk Reduction).
2. Knowledge Management - Supporting more effective information and knowledge generation, sharing on sustainable development
? (Proposed 6 minutes interventions: CEE India, NAPS/Community-level Adaptation - GEF-UNDP, Eco-Schools-Foundation for Environmental Education)
3. Transforming approaches and systems: case studies from education and private sector
? (Proposed 6 minutes interventions: United Nations Climate Change Learn (UNITAR, Regional Centers of Expertise (UNU ), Clean Technology in Enterprises-UNIDO, ESC Project ? UNEP/UNESCO)
4. Panel Discussion: Way forward - Processes towards Sustainable Development
? This moderated panel discussion will center around the above strategies as well as be guided by the following needs identified in the field of learning for sustainable development:
i. Identification, evaluation and showcasing of such initiatives
ii. A commitment to multi-sectoral work and processes for sustainable development strategies.
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