• Lead-organizer: Niger
  • 17:30 - 19:00
  • Date: 19 Jun 2012
  • Room: T-6

Towards Sustainable Food Security in the Sahel

Organizing partners

Secrétariat du CNEDD,
Haut Commissariat à l'Initiative 3N
Ministrère de l'Hydraulique et de l'Environnement


The objetcives of the side event are:

To present the report on the implementation of Agenda 21 by Niger: progresses made and challenges

-To present a comprehensive approach to achieve sustainable development, especially with regards to food security : the 3N Initiative

Contribution to the Conference

- Presentation of an example of implementation of Agenda 21 in one of the most vulnerable countries

- Presentation of a comprehensive approach taken by a developing country to achieve sustainable development, in particular through tackling the issue of food insecurity. This approach is a response to the emerging challenges of food crises, adaptation to climate change, access to water, among others.

Detailed programme

The event will start with a short presentation of the report elaborated in the frame of the Conference and which presents the institutional framework for sustainable development in Niger, the progresses made since Rio in 1992 and the challenges. It will show the efforts led by Niger in the implementation of the post-Rio Conventions and multilateral agreements on environment and sustainable development.

There will then be the presentation of some experiences of environmental conservation in Niger with the case study of the integrated project of Keita.
The main focus of the event would be the presentation of the government led 3N Initiative (Nigeriens feed Nigeriens) which is a comprehensive programme aiming at ensuring food security in Niger. It is a new strategic and inclusive framework, recently adopted by Niger to promote agricultural development and food security in a sustainable development frame. This presentation will be followed by a debate with the participants.

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