• Lead-organizer: United States of America
  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Date: 22 Jun 2012
  • Room: T-4

U.S. Priorities for Rio+20

Organizing partners

United States Government
Private Sector Representatives


U.S. Priorities for Rio+20 will feature high-level United States Government officials and leaders from the private sector and civil society. This exciting and compelling event will focus on U.S. priorities for advancing sustainable development. We will feature speakers and presentations that demonstrate the commitment of the United States to integrate the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, environmental, and social. The side event will also address themes of promoting a green economy, good governance, the importance of data collection and sharing, the impact of connection technologies in furthering sustainable development, and women?s and youth issues.

Detailed programme

The side event will feature high-level officials from the U.S. government as well as leaders from the private sector and civil society. Speakers will discuss U.S. priorities for sustainable development, including public-private partnerships. The event will highlight a number of the U.S. Government policies supporting the Rio+20 objectives and themes. The President's Global Development Policy establishes a model of sustainable development to promote broad-based growth and democratic governance, facilitate the stabilization of countries emerging from crisis or conflict, alleviate poverty, and advance global commitments to improve social conditions. The side event will also highlight U.S. programs in areas such as sustainable cities, clean energy, training and education, sustainable agricultural practices, oceans, forests, water, and public health.

Advances in science, technology and innovation will be fundamental to a sustainable future, with policy decisions guided by science-based, innovative solutions addressing key problems. In this side event, we will demonstrate how mobile and internet connection technologies can broaden public participation and more effectively engage citizens around the world.

The side event will speak to UNCSD/Rio+20 outcomes, including the Green Economy and the Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development. Promoting a green economy includes advancing resource and production efficiency; maintaining ecosystem services; deploying clean energy technologies; education and training workers; reducing environmental exposures that threaten health; and eliminating fossil fuel subsidies. The private sector and civil society have a critical role to play in the green economy. The event will also showcase United States institutional efforts to promote an enabling environment for private sector and civil society innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship in sustainable economic and social systems and technologies.

Finally, the side event will highlight U.S. efforts to engage and empower women and involve young people in sustainable development issues.
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