Statements and Presentations High-Level Expert Group Meeting on Using Green Agriculture to Stimulate Economic Growth and Eradicate Poverty
Opening Session
Dr. Mordechai Cohen, Agriculture and Rural Planning & Development - Meeting Chairperson
25 Nov 2011
Opening remarks

Mr. Sha Zukang, Secretary-General of the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development
25 Oct 2011
Opening Statement

Dr. Hans R. Herren, President, Millennium Institute, and Founder of Biovision Foundation
25 Oct 2011
Keynote Speaker

Session 1: Mobilizing the farmer
Jonathan Gressel, United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service
25 Oct 2011

Mr. Alexander Mueller, Assistant Director General for Natural Resources, UN Food and Agriculture Organization
25 Oct 2011

Session 2: Macroeconomic policies for green agriculture
Mr. Antoine Renard, Head of Programme Support Unit, World Food Programme
25 Oct 2011

Ms. Simha Yudovich, Deputy Director General, Finance and Investment Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Israel
25 Oct 2011

Session 3: Agricultural food production and the environment
Dr. Shrikant Limaye, Director, Ground Water Institute, India
25 Oct 2011

Dr. Patricia Imas, Chief Agronomist, ICL Fertilizers
25 Oct 2011

Session 4: Identifying stakeholders in agriculture
Dr. Esther Kimani, Phytosanitary Services, Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate
25 Oct 2011

Dr. Sarala Gopalan, National Institute of Agriculture,India. World Farmers Organization (Spanish)
25 Oct 2011

DAY TWO: Featured Speaker
Yossi Yishai, Environmental Consultant, Former Director General, Ministry of Environmental Protection ? Discussion Chairperson
26 Oct 2011

DAY THREE: Featured Speaker
Dr. M. K. Dorsey - Dartmouth College, Environmental Studies Program
27 Oct 2011

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