• Lead-organizer: Indonesia
  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Date: 22 Jun 2012
  • Room: P3-B

Blue Economy Leadership Event: showcasing efforts to achieve a Blue Economy

Organizing partners

Government of Indonesia, with support from the Government of Australia (others tbc)


Marine ecosystems and resources have a key role in supporting food security, sustainable livelihoods, economic opportunity and social inclusion for billions of people. Recognising this, "Blue Economy" or the oceans aspects of the Rio+20 theme ?green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication has been identified by many as a priority issue for Rio+20.

Around the world, there are a number of innovative efforts underway to achieve a Blue Economy. This event will involve a selection of key Blue Economy leaders showcasing their efforts to conserve and sustainably manage marine resources, and defining key commitments and actions for the future.

Detailed programme

This event will focus on the issue of "Blue Economy" that is, the conservation and sustainable management of marine and coastal resources in support of sustainable development and poverty eradication.
The event will involve short presentations by five political leaders. The event will be open to invitees from a range of States, intergovernmental organisations and non-government organisations.
The event will showcase key examples from around the world of leadership towards achieving a Blue Economy. Speakers are yet to be confirmed, but it is proposed to include high level political leaders (Heads of State or Ministers) as follows:
Indonesia presenting on the Coral Triangle Initiative
Kiribati presenting on the Pacific Oceanscape Framework and other efforts such as the Phoenix Islands Protected Area.
The Bahamas presenting on the Caribbean Challenge
The Seychelles presenting on the recently initiated Western Indian Ocean Coastal Challenge
Australia presenting on its recently completed ecosystem-based marine planning and marine protected areas identification process.
France - Presenting on Mediterranean experience

Speakers will outline these innovative Blue Economy initiatives they are taking forward, including key achievements. They will also discuss future directions, including specific commitments for action.
Noting that oceans and Blue Economy have been highlighted by many as key issues for Rio+20, this event can help to support the outcomes of Rio+20 by:
Acknowledging existing Blue Economy leadership
Announcing key commitments for the future
Motivating enhanced support for Blue Economy leadership and initiatives
Sharing of lessons and experiences in working towards a Blue Economy
Inspiring and informing Blue Economy leadership by others
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