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  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
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  • Name: Asian Centre for Organisation Research and Development
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? Terms like ?Green economy? and ?sustainable development? are very pretty, but in terms of hard reality they mean one thing on the ground : lowering the rate of consumption. This however is unacceptable to the people at large, and is a problem of ?mass- psychology? which economists, politicians, and technologists are neither willing nor able to even take on. Who wants to be unpopular and get to the root of the problem?

? ?The limits to growth published by the Club of Rome in the early 60?s is still the most relevant analytical document, but it has been given a quick burial ? every one runs for office on the promise of more growth, more consumption, more welfare, whether sustainable or not.

? The Pareto principle is still an iron law of economics, and it has proven its validity even in biology. The top 20% of the 7 billion people control the consumption and exploitation of 70-75% of the world?s resources, while the bottom 20% consumers less than 2% of global resources.

? The top 50% of the worlds population needs to reduce 10% of its consumption in the first instance, and thereafter 10% every 5 years ? the world?s best politicians, philosophies, psychologists, mass-communicators need to form a coalition to help nations work within the global limits, whether natural or man-made limits. The addiction to ?endless growth without limits? needs to be treated as a mass neurosis which has no sustainable base in reality.

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