Transparency International
  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Major Group
  • Name: Transparency International
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Keywords: Green economy (2 hits),

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Rio+20 and a roadmap for strengthening climate governance

Submission by Transparency International

Climate change poses untold challenges to Green economy growth, sustainable development and poverty alleviation. Efforts to further these trajectories must therefore be allied to strong climate governance, which includes the disbursement and use of huge future investments. Currently the system of climate governance is diverse and fragmented, and lacks connectivity and accountability to those most affected by climate change. Attempts at strengthening this architecture will have to build in safeguards against risk, including corruption risks, to provide for collective ownership, legitimacy and meaningful effect at the international, national and local levels.

Drawing on lessons learned in areas that include development aid, the extractive industries, public procurement and emissions trading, Transparency International (TI) hereby outlines a number of recommendations for optimising sustainable development and driving Green economy growth. We propose that these recommendations form the basis of a declaration at the Rio+20 conference which should outline a roadmap for governments to agree upon, implement and enforce measures to strengthen climate governance and guard climate finance against waste or abuse.

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