La Prévention Routière Internationale (PRI)
  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Major Group
  • Name: La Prévention Routière Internationale (PRI)
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Keywords: Capacity building (1 hits),

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Eemnes ? The Netherlands, 1 November 2011

Safer Roads @ Rio+20

La Prévention Routière Internationale PRI is a worldwide umbrella for road safety. Our core business is: education, communication, information, Capacity building and advocacy.

PRI is focused at the prevention of road crash victims.

Main priorities: Young People and Developing Countries.

PRI is member of the United Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) is determined to contribute to the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011 ? 2020.

Considering that:

1,3 million road crash victims and 50 million serious injuries per year.

Statistics are tip of the iceberg. Foremost road safety is about emotions and grief of persons who lost a beloved one in traffic or who got handicapped for life.

The yearly economic and societal costs of road safety amount to billions.

Traffic has an big impact on environment.

Safer Roads should by part of Sustainable Development. Traffic (safety) measures could walk hand in hand.


Public Transport and Bicycling and Walking should be promoted. Less cars will prevent road crash victims, will diminish CO2 emission and will use less space. Besides walking and cycling contribute to the health positively.

Lower driving speeds will prevent crashes and (fatal) injuries, will diminish CO2 emission.

These priorities have a positive impact on the prevention of road traffic crash victims, on sustainable development and on the quality of life.

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