• Lead-organizer: Brazil
  • 17:00 - 18:30
  • Date: 21 Jun 2012
  • Room: T-2

Brazilian Policy to Reduce Deforestation

Organizing partners

Governments of Brazil, Germany and Norway; the Brazilian Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES); the World Bank.


The Brazilian experience in fighting deforestation, by integrating the environmental, social and economic perspectives, has essentially become a sustainable development policy, with all the challenges, obstacles and opportunities that the concept carries on. Rio+20, in turn, is, to the eyes of the international community, an opportunity for the discussion of development models that incorporate the three dimensions of sustainability. Therefore, a side event is suggested during the Conference at RioCentro, aimed at, on one hand, celebrating the advances achieved by the Brazilian Government in fighting deforestation ? including the social and economic gains of this process, and on the other hand providing the international debate with lessons learned with this experience, which has created a unique combination between national efforts and international cooperation. Moreover, in the context of South-South cooperation, the Brazilian lessons may strengthen relations between Amazonian countries and other stakeholders for the maintenance of tropical forests.

Detailed programme

The thematic focus of this side event is the Brazilian policy to protect forests and reduce deforestation, highlighting the role of international cooperation and the new challenges. The proposed roundtable will be coordinated by the Brazilian Minister of the Environment, and composed by Ministers from the governments of Germany and Norway, the CEO of Brazilian Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), one representative of the Brazilian civil society and one representative of the World Bank.
Speakers and proposed themes are as follows:
- Brazilian Minister of the Environment. Opening speech and presentation: the Brazilian policy to reduce deforestation.
- German Ministry, representing donors of the Pilot Program on Protection of Tropical Forests in Brazil (PPG7). Theme: contribution of the PPG7.
- Norwegian Ministry. Theme: Norwegian contribution to the Amazon Fund.
- BNDES CEO. Theme: The Amazon Fund as an innovative cooperation mechanism.
- Civil society representative. Theme: the role of the civil society in the debate on forests.
- World Bank representative. Summary of debates and contributions for the outcome of Rio + 20.
The roundtable will contribute to discussions on the Brazilian experience fighting deforestation as a model of sustainable development policy with international cooperation that may be applicable to other countries and potentially adapted to different realities. Moreover, this debate may bring forward concrete proposals for cooperation in the aftermath of Rio +20.
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