• Lead-organizer: Brazil
  • 17:00 - 18:30
  • Date: 20 Jun 2012
  • Room: P3-6

Socio-Environmental Protection Floor

Organizing partners

Brazilian Minister of Social Development and Fight against hunger and others


Translating Principle 1 of the Rio Declaration into practice requires specific policies which together create a ?Socio-environmental Protection Floor? for the population. The creation of such a ?Floor? has had profoundly positive effects in several countries. This session will explore those experiences, assess their potential for wider adoption, and discuss their viability as an outcome of the Rio+20 Conference.

A ?Socio-environmental Protection Floor? ensures basic income and services that are essential for health, food security, water and sanitation, while linking protection of the people to protection of the environment. The combination of methods and components of the ?Floor? promotes conservation of environmental assets and resources in poor communities, benefiting not only the community but also improving the quality of the global environment.

The session?s debate starts with the analysis of international experiences, such the Brazilian Green Grant (Bolsa Verde) and other initiatives from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Detailed programme

Thematic Focus: Poverty eradication, social and environmental protection

Outcomes to Rio+20 Conference: Build up/ consolidate a proposal for Socio-Environmental Protection Floor as an outcome of the Conference

Tereza Campello- Brazilian Minister of Social Development
Izabella Teixeira ? Brazilian Minister of Environment
High level authority from UNDP
High level authority from ILO
Other Social Development, Sustainable Development Ministers

High level authorities, delegates and observers attending the Conference

Please note that a room with a capacity between 180 and 250 is fine.
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