• Lead-organizer: Lebanon
  • 17:00 - 18:30
  • Date: 20 Jun 2012
  • Room: P3-F

Advancing Sustainable Development in Post-Conflict Countries

Organizing partners

This side event is organized by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) in partnership with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD), and in close coordination with the Governments of Lebanon, Liberia and Zimbabwe, the Country Offices and the UN agencies in the three countries


The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) is in the final stages of implementing the Project ROA-105 ?Strengthening National Capacity for the Integration of Sustainable Development Principles into Development Strategies in Countries Emerging from Conflict?.

The main objectives of the project are to:

1) Produce methodologies that explain and illustrate ways to integrate sustainable development principles into national development strategies as part of peacebuilding processes; and

2) Increase the capacity of governments to utilize sustainable development principles in policy-making in countries emerging from conflict through an inclusive approach that includes creating guidelines for conflict-sensitive National Sustainable Development Strategies (NSDS), performing in depth country analysis and needs assessments, and organizing stakeholder consultations with both government and civil society.

The 3-year project, involved 2 main pilot countries-Lebanon and Liberia - in integrating sustainable development as part of the peacebuilding processes

Detailed programme

The focus of the side event organized by UNDESA in collaboration with its partners, is to create global awareness building on the lessons learned through the above mentioned project, building capacity for participants to the side event and facilitating the exchange of experience, lessons and innovations between post-conflict countries.

This side event aims at bringing together as speakers government officials from the pilot countries (Lebanon, Liberia and Zimbabwe), and UN staff, civil society representatives and the private sector as particpants.

The side event will have the following thematic focus:

A. An introduction to the conflict-sensitive Sustainable Development Guidance Notes and Methodologies developed by UNDESA, that include:

a. Understanding Conflict
b. Linking Development and Peacebuilding
c. Managing Sustainable Development Processes in Conflict Affected Countries
d. Building Capacities for Sustainable Development in Conflict Affected Countries
e. Sequencing and Prioritizing Policy Reforms in Conflict Affected Countries
f. Entry Points for Sustainable Development in Conflict Affected Countries

B. An overview of the current development strategies in the three pilot countries (Lebanon, Liberia and Zimbabwe) and goals to address challenges in post-conflict sustainable development plans, mainly:
a. Entry points to post-conflict Sustainable Development and the ongoing development strategies:
i. Linking development plans in Lebanon
ii. Poverty Reduction Strategies in Liberia
iii. Medium Term Plan (MTP) in Zimbabwe
b. Conflict-sensitive development challenges in the post-conflict countries
c. Real-world linkages between development progress and peacebuilding
d. Current goals, objectives, action steps and success indicators

C. Debate on strategies to strengthen the capacities of conflict-affected countries in achieving their sustainable development goals and transferring experiences and lessons learned to support conflict-affected countries

Potential contribution to the outcome of UNCSD/Rio+20:

In light of the increasing needs to strengthen the capacities of conflict-affected countries in achieving their sustainable development goals, this side event will complement future efforts that will build on the important achievements of Development Account Project. A second phase of the said project is planned to continue the support to the current three pilot countries, support additional countries in West Asia and North Africa, affected by the Arab Spring, translate the project?s Guidance Notes and Training Manuals into other UN official languages including Arabic and develop an online user-friendly web tutorial training course to facilitate and support a large number of conflict-affected countries for training in conflict-sensitive sustainable development.

UNDESA Focal Point:
Mr. Sami Areikat
Division for Sustainable Development
Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)
Tel. +(1) 212 963 7844

Contact in Lebanon:
Mr. Tarik Alami
Emerging and Conflict Related Issues
Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)
Tel. +(961) 1 -978616

Mr. Ziad Mikati
Office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Goverment of Lebanon
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