Climate Sustainability Platform and Supporting Organizations
  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Major Group
  • Name: Climate Sustainability Platform and Supporting Organizations
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Keywords: Poverty eradication (2 hits),

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A proposal for UNCSD2012 Zero Draft (Input to Compilation Document):

Thematic Area: Green economy in the context of sustainable development and Poverty eradication

Submitted by Centre for Environment and Development and behalf of Climate Sustainability PLATFORM and Supporting Organizations


The proposal for a green economy has lead to division even amongst the environmentally sensitive and conscious groups and sections. This is due to an unsuccessful attempt to repackage and resell sustainable development. The new attempt to present a green economy as a tool for sustainable is now looked with suspicion by many needs to be resolved by the time UNCSD convenes in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. The following is a proposal to help and guide the process towards creating a more acceptable proposal on the agenda item on ?Green economy in the context of sustainable development and Poverty eradication?

Replacing the Greed Growth Economy - Not to Green Wash the Brown

The core consideration should be if the Green Economy can replace the greed based economic order and help us face the challenge of climate change and poverty?

Any attempt to green wash the brown economy should be halted. Therefore, simply making adjustments to polluting technologies and wasteful consumerist market instruments should not be considered as part of a green economy

Creating a monopoly on the green technology to dominate a green growth-based market economy should not be promoted. All people should have equitable access and capacity to enjoy green, clean and sustainable technologies within an emerging green economic system.

Not Just a Single Economy! Sustainable Economies!

The green economic system should not promote a single and monopolistic model of a green technology, green market, and Intellectual Property Rights dominated economy.

The green economy should be viewed as a networked system of decentralized, community based, sustainable economies in a diversity.

Such a system of sustainable economies should be connecting the rainbow economies across the world and the core idea is that all economies are made sustainable, not just a monopolistic and dominant global economy.

Foundations of a Sustainable Economic System

Foundations for sustainable economies based green economic system should be based on a common vision for an ?equity? based world order.

Such a system should be committed towards creating ?wellbeing of all?

Such a system should promote ?sustainable consumption & production patterns?

Such a system should move from a mere ?efficiency? focus to ?sufficiency? based ?sustainable development? paradigms

Such a system should helps achieve Climate Sustainability which is to eradicate all kind of poverty and threats to the environment.

Such a system should not encourage vertical growth for the creation of few rich and a consuming class, but promote horizontal growth so the wealth is distributed for wellbeing of all.

Such a system should also need to know define limits to green growth in prosperity.
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