The Organizing Committee of 2011 Kubuqi International Desert Forum
  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
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  • Name: The Organizing Committee of 2011 Kubuqi International Desert Forum
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General Content

a) What are the expectations for the outcome of Rio+20, and what are the concrete proposals in this regard, including views on a possible structure of the Outcome document?

To Share our experiencs of desertification control with more people who need it and learn from others.
b) What are the comments, if any, on existing proposals: e.g., a green economy roadmap, framework for action, sustainable development goals, a revitalized global partnership for sustainable development, or others?

c) What are the views on implementation and on how to close the implementation gap, which relevant actors are envisaged as being involved (Governments, specific Major Groups, UN system, IFIs, etc.);

d) What specific cooperation mechanisms, partnership arrangements or other implementation tools are envisaged and what is the relevant time frame for the proposed decisions to be reached and actions to be implemented?

Specific Elements
a) Objective of the Conference: To secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development, assessing the progress to date and remaining gaps in the implementation of the outcomes of the major summits on sustainable development and addressing new and emerging challenges.

Contributions could include possible sectoral priorities (e.g., (e.g., energy, food security and sustainable agriculture, technology transfer, water, oceans, sustainable urbanization, sustainable consumption and production, natural disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation, biodiversity, etc.) and sectoral initiatives that contribute to integrate the three pillars of sustainable development could be launched and endorsed at Rio+20.

b) Green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication: views regarding how green economy can be a means to achieve sustainable development in its three dimensions, and poverty eradication; what is its potential added value; experience to date, including what has worked and how to build upon success, what are the challenges and opportunities and how to address the challenges and seize opportunities, and possible elements of an agreement in outcome document on a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication

c) Institutional framework for sustainable development: Priorities and proposals for strengthening individual pillars of sustainable development, as well as those for strengthening integration of the three pillars, at multiple levels; local, national, regional and international.

d) Any proposals for refinement of the two themes. Recall that Resolution 64/236 describes the focus of the Conference: "The focus of the Conference will include the following themes to be discussed and refined during the preparatory process: a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication and the institutional framework for sustainable development".


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Document from China Elion Resources Group

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Today, desertification has become one of the most serious ecological environment issues directly threatening people's survival and development. So far, 65% of land in the world has been facing desertification in varying degree and desertification is expanding at an annual rate of 50,000-70,000 square kilometers, which inflicts a dozen billion people with poverty and starvation. Desertification has received widespread attention from governments and international community of the world.

China is one of the countries encountering relatively severe desertification atrocity. Chinese government has been committed in long term to the undertaking of desertification prevention and control, organized series major ecology construction projects and promoted livelihood improvement for people living in desert area.

As one of the largest desert ecology enterprises in the world, Elion Resources Group of Inner Mongolia, in the last two decades, has persistently safeguarded Kubuqi Desert, afforested over 5000 square kilometers of deserts and rehabilitated 10000 square kilometers of desertified land, erecting an over-240-kilometer-long green ecological wall in north China, leaving a miracle print in Chinese desertification control history and creating a desertification control model with Chinese characteristics--" Kubuqi Model".

The great change of The Kubuqi Desert

The Kubuqi Desert is located at the north of Erdos highland in Inner Mongolia with a total land area of 18600 square kilometers; it is the seventh largest desert in the country. Back in the Tang Dynasty, this desert was recorded historically of ?three feet deep sand here stops horse from travelling?. The people lived here over generations suffered from pain and torture. Their security for life is constantly threatened by the changeable condition and ferity of the desert, their land, house and life could be destroyed any time. People around the desert periphery are forced into exile and their life is full of uncertainty.

Since the founding of New China, Chinese government pays great attention on desertification control. Under the influence of reform and open policy, as a non stated-owned enterprise, Elion Resources Group has determinedly and undoubtedly taken on the task of combating desertification for the enterprise itself and the local people based on their responsibility. Through perseverant efforts and faith over two decades, the Kubuqi Desert nowadays is no longer the barren land with terrible sand storms. Instead, it is a green oasis flowing with clean lake water, a favorable tourist area with groups of animals, ecological system and complex food chain. The great changes can be experienced from data as below:

1. The total land area of Kubuqi Desert is 18600 square kilometer and was known as ?the barren land? two decades ago; nowadays, the afforestation in this desert has reached more than 5000 square kilometers, equivalent to the land area of seven Singapore, controlled desertification land is more than 10000 square kilometers, it is neither the barren land nor dead sea, instead it has turned into an green oasis overflowing with vigor and vitality. The tangible evidence of ?more green, less yellow? can be shown from the satellite.

2. The frequency of sandstorm in Kubuqi desert is about 70?80 times per annual, and it would only take one night to blow into the capital compared with once or twice a year, great contributions are therefore made in improving the weather quality along Beijing and Tianjin, even Korea and Japan. Additionally, precipitation has increased to a few centimeters from the initial millimeters two decades ago. (accurate figures are better here)

3. Two decades ago, camel was the only transportation to carry all the living goods of six months on a journey of 50 kilometers with 2?3 days in return, and visiting doctor and getting educated was even an extravagant hope for the herdsmen. There are five spanning roads of total 500 kilometers long on Kubuqi desert nowadays, tight integration of international school and modern medical institute have also been promoted. The changes of two decades (accurate number is needed here) helped the herdsmen?s annual income growing at two digit speed. Cars and modern house are no longer luxuries in the past.

The headsmen were suffering, had a life of misery in the past, and now they are having a life of happiness and prosperity.

4. Desertification problem was regarded as the cancer of the earth two decades ago; people sacrificed countless time, effort, material and money for combating desertification. The Kubuqi today truly is an example reflecting the development of green desert economy, becoming pioneering green living space clarifying the direction of achieving sustainable development, even the model on turning desert disadvantage to advantage, turn negative to positive.

Who has been combating desertification?

Desert is a remote and threatening place to many people; however it is also the passion of life for those heroes who has dedicated in desertification control, especially for the vice president of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Chairman of Elion Resources Group, Wang Wenbiao. Over twenty years ago, he was a teacher and Kubuqi government official before becoming the salt factory manager of Kubuqi desert, and this salt factory is the place of origin for Elion Resources Group today

In the late eighties last century, the desert was the biggest problem for the salt factory even it had a huge potential, less than a hundred kilometers distance was detoured to 330 kilometers, and the profit of tons of product was wasted on the way, and the factory was facing destruction any time. Facing the life challenge, the people who were raised up in the desert were bravely stepped on the journey of homeland-protection by afforesting under the leadership of Wang Wenbiao. The seeds were vastly taken care of in the barren land and now they have grown into rows of strong ?green soldiers? guarding the lake permanently.

However, the small?scale of desert management was nothing compared with the ferity of the desert. Sandstorm stopped transportation and the enterprise was threatened to be broken down. In the early nineties, Elion Resources Group started the industrial desertification control, and eagerly exploring multiple win solutions of ?desert, greenage, livelihood and industry?. The first ?green tunnel? on the Dead Sea was created in the hinterland in 1997. This had ultimately brought revival to the enterprise and people?s living was vastly improved as well. The desert value was therefore reconsidered while Elion was on the way of industrial desertification control. Gradually the long march is looking broader and brighter.

What made desert afforestation come true?

Firstly is science and technology bringing about afforestation, which means to strictly reply on science and technology, eagerly delving in sand prevention models suitable for local condition. During repeated experience and research, Elion has concluded the concept of sand prevention, which is ?side-locking, hinterland penetrating, road division, separate management, technology support and industry driven?, the desertification combating of ?six in one? was also promoted by combining road, electricity, water, telecommunication, network and greenage.? Thus three industries are formed there from. First of all, afforestation by road construction has helped reaching greenage of total 2000 square kilometers; five desert spanning roads of total 500 kilometers are constructed, and lots of salix and licorice are also planted on the sides of the roads. Secondly, 100 square kilometers of desert afforestation was also reached through green protection belt. Elion has also built a sand-prevention belt of total 242 kilometers, which is a green screen securely stabilized the desert. Thirdly desert greenage of 2000 square kilometers was achieved by desert hinterland ecological repair. Tree-planting has hugely improved the efficiency of desert afforestation combining ecological immigration, recovery based on aerial and mechanic planting.

Secondly is the utilization of desert resource through science and technology, turning desert disadvantage into advantage, developing and utilizing desert as a precious type of resource, expanding living space for human while enlarging desert green economy. Cleaning energy is the first industry which was invested by Elion with ten millions of dollars, almost equivalent to 20 trillion of Korean Won, the photovoltaic industry, biomass energy and new material industry were later on developed utilizing resources from desert land, sunshine and biomass. The second is natural medical industry. People of Elion also planted 1500 square kilometers of licorice on favorable locations, not only stabilizing the sand but also valuable in its medical purpose, created a win-win situation of ?afforestation increased with profit? for the enterprise. Their licorice medical industry has reached a large scale of 40 billion RMB and they are now organizing natural medical industry to be on the market at full swing. The third is the industry of desert modern agriculture and tourism. Improving desert ecological environment is improving desertification and expanding the land for agriculture. With their help, more than 2000 square kilometers of desert area has turned into agricultural land, it is the new solution for sustainable utilization of global land. At the meanwhile, a unique industry of desert tourism also emerged by relying on natural landscape of the desert.

July, 8, 2011, 2011 Kubuqi International Desert Forum was successfully held in Kubuqi Desert?s Seven-star Lake. Politicians, experts and scholars coming from more than 30 countries visited Kubuqi Desert. After their inspection, they regarded the Kubuqi Pattern as the contribution that Elion made to the whole world. "Kubuqi Pattern" is an innovative practice and successful example created by Elion Resources Group during its over 20 years' practice of Kubuqi Desert desertification control and speeding up sand industry development, which is based on available desert resources and supported by technology innovation, with enterprise development driven by science and technology, large-scale desertification control driven by the industry and people's livelihood improvement driven by ecology. ?Kubuqi Pattern " embodies priority of ecology, development and people's livelihood, forming a new model of "rehabilitation to development to re-rehabilitation to re-development" which is a virtuous development cycle and realizing the multi-win structure of "desertification prevention and control, industry development, ecology improvement, social stability, national solidarity, farmer's prosperity and interaction".

The core connotation of ?Kubuqi Model" is the so-called ?three driving", which are enterprise development driven by science and technology, large-scale desertification control driven by industry and people's livelihood improvement driven by ecological zone.

Science and technology brings about enterprise development. Elion Resources Group always adheres to the concept of ?science and technology are the primary production force?, roundly depending on the advancement of science and technology to promote scientific enterprise development and green development. It also has successively, in a broad sense, cooperated with over 10 domestic and international scientific institutes, universities and enterprise,(such as Belgium?s . Through synergized key difficulty tackling in major principles, various fields and involving in whole project process, technology introduction, independent research and development, it has promoted a robust enterprise development and provided support for Kubuqi Desert desertification control. Meanwhile, Elion Resources Group was named as ?National Base of Desert New Energy Commercialization of Research Findings? and ?International Technology Cooperation Base?. National Tourism Bureau named Kubuqi Desert as ?National Desert Tourism Experimental Base?. National Forrest Bureau named Kubuqi Desert as ?The First Combat Convention of Desertification Experimental Base of China?.

Industry brings about large-scale desertification control. In the last over 20 years, depending on the wealth accumulated by industry development, Elion Resources Group has been adhering to ecology construction of Kubuqi Desert. As of now, Elion Resources Group has invested over 3 billion RMBs on forming a development mechanism of virtuous cycle which is "desertification control driven by industry and industry promoted by desertification control". Generally speaking, the development of Elion?s Desertification control can be devided into two parts. The 10 years before 1997 was just called small actions. The purpose was for the factory to survive. Industrialization started from the accomplishment of the first cross sand road. Construction of the first cross sand road made Elion to know the desert better. We found a point to break the ice by developing sand industry such as planting licorice. Elion Group programmed ?one belt, for districts and one town? in Kubuqi Desert. One belt means Kubuqi desert stereoscopic combine type of afforesting belt, which consisted by four industry zones. Four Districts means the new material cycling industry district on the east side of Kubuqi desert, the new energy cycling district on the north, Kubuqi Seven-star Lake ecological tourism district and Modern desert agriculture demonstration district. One town is a 20 square kilometers ecology low carbon area. The formation of the industry brings about the development of desert economy and enriched local people.

Improving people's livelihood through ecological development. 20 years? effort, Elion has made significant efforts to improve the ecological environment in 5000 square kilometers? sandy areas, developed the ideology of all-inclusive, wide-covering and universal benefits to the people. There used to be more than 60-70 times sandstorm happened in this area every year, but after Elion?s treatment, the number was reduced to one or two every year. Rainfall capacity was changed from dozens of mm every year to 300mm every year, which totally changed the bad weather condition of this area. And also protects Beijing, the capital city where closed to Kubuqi desert, from being influenced by the sandstorm. Besides, Elion Group vigorously implemented the project of "Helping people, enriching people and benefiting people through ecological construction". 1) Benefiting people through ecological construction. Besides improving the ecological environment, efforts have also been made to improve people's living environment, so that the local people wouldn't have to live the miserable life with sand. Under the support of local government, Elion Resources Group has gathered native dwellers and constructed a residential quarter for them, allowing them to get out of deep desert and live a life of intensified production. 2) Enriching people through ecological construction. The ecological industry developed in the desert has provided over 5000 employment opportunities for local peasants and herdsmen, while free professional training has also been provided to make them the new-generation ecological construction workers, tourist service staff and skilled workers of intensive breeding and planting. The ecological industry has increased the income of natives by over RMB 300 million per year. The per capita net income of herdsmen has increased from RMB 2,000 in the past to RMB 30,000 at present. Through desertification control and the development of sand industry, the native dwellers have migrated from the life of poverty and obsolete production mode to the road of affluence. Experiences show that desertification control and sand industry development are two important approaches to respond to climate change, improve ecological environment, address the food & clothing problem of the vulnerable groups in worldwide decertifying areas, and accomplish long-term development. 3) Benefiting people through ecological construction. Through the construction of sand-control afforestation highways, Elion has improved the production and living conditions of peasants and herdsmen in the desert. Elion invested RMB 100 million to build the desert school offering full-time nursery and free education, thus providing preferable elementary education for the children of local peasants and herdsmen.


Combating desertification is a long term project which may lasts for hundreds of years. As a private enterprise, Elion Resources Group develops economy in accordance with the idea of ?Green, Cycling, Clean and Low Carbon?, holding a green flag of combating desertification and developing desert economy. 20 years accomplishment is not only afforesting, but to created a system with the meaning of combination of government?s support, company?s investment and people?s participation, which is a great experience to the world. On 29th Aug, 2011, China?s State leader, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Chairman of CPPCC Mr. Jia Qinglin visited Kubuqi desert. He demanded Elion Group to continue the work in Kubuqi after his inspection. Elion Group was recognized as a representative of China?s high level desertification control technology and a demonstration of China?s ecology construction.

Kubuqi Pattern has brought the attention from the UN and the whole world. On 17th, Oct 2011, Chairman of the Board of Elion Resources Group Mr. Wang Wenbiao was invited to UNCCD?s COP10 Business Forum held in Korea, and gave a key note speech as the creator and practitioner of Kubuqi Pattern. Mr. Wang introduced Kubuqi Pattern and shared his experiences on combating desertification with ministers, government officers and delegates from more than 44 countries all over the world. Mr. Sha Zukang, Deputy Secretary-general of the United Nations and Mr. Luc Gnacadja, Secretary of UNCCD and delegates from all over the world highly commended Kubuqi Pattern as one of the most successful case in desertification control field. Kubuqi Pattern is recognized as a devotion to combating desertification. It?s not only belonging to China, and also the world. Kubuqi Pattern should be spreaded to accelerate the process of global desertification control. In his speech, Mr. Wang expressed himself sincerely that he would like to spread Kubuqi Pattern to the world where needed and to carry forward this green devotion from China, enriching more people live in desert.

One, we need a logical management system. We have a win-win management system in Kubuqi which includes the support from the government, the investment from the enterprise and the participation from local people. This system makes sure the success of today?s Kubuqi desert.

Two, we must rely on technological innovation. For these years, Elion Group cooperated with more 10 scientific research institutes domestic and overseas, built a desert economy research institute, which brought couple of cooperation projects, exploited several patent technologies and developed the technologies such as watering sand willow, licorice translation, sacsaoul willow grafting desert cistanche, Dicotyledoneae grafting cynomorium coccineum. These technologies provide strong support for our desert economy development.

Three, we must take the improvement of people?s living condition as our own duty. The land owned by herdsmen can be valued as resource. They can use the land they have as capital and join our market. Elion Resources Group rents land from herdsmen, brought huge profit to them. For all these years, we provided thousands of working opportunities to local herdsmen, such as constructers of zoology construction project, which brings them more than 300 million RMBs income every year. As the development of Elion Group?s sand industry, the income of local people raised 10 times in 7 years. Elion invested more than 100 million RMBs to build a free boarding nursery school to give the children better education. Fact shows that combating desertification is an important act of improving people?s living condition. On the other hand, we can not develop our green economy in the desert without local people?s support.

Four, we must have long term ambitions and firm spirit. Combating desertification and afforesting, including desert economy development, are complex projects with high investment, large scale, slow effect and long period. In the past 20 years, Elion Resources Group fights the desert with the spirit of firmness, persistence, perseverance, willingness of fight and sense of responsibility without complaining.

Desertification, Land degradation and drought are the three main issues of global land sustainable management. The urbanization of developing countries makes Land degradation unavoidable. Global warming makes drought a hardly solved issue. The practicing of Kubuqi Pattern indicates that combating desertification is the most hopeful issue of the three. Kubuqi pattern shows that the desert can be afforested, the soil of the desert can be improved and the solar energy of the desert can be powerful. As far as desertification trends gets better, the dilemma of land sustainable management could be broke.

We will rely on the abundant solar, land and biomass resources of Kubuqi desert. In the coming 3-5 years, basing on technological, system and pattern innovation, the afforested area in the desert will be reach 10,000 square meters, the income of desert clean energy and natural medicine will be reach 100 billion RMBs. Elion Resources Group will create more green space for mankind and create a whole new method of global desert green economy development.

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