Rwandan farmers group INGABO
  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Major Group
  • Name: Rwandan farmers group INGABO
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Our view on sustainable development

As known, we also analyze sustainable development according to its three aspects which are social, economic and environmental.

The social aspect

Social aspects on development have to be considered on its real value:

- Firstly we have to know and analyze practices and the knowledge of farmers from the area we want to develop;

- Policies practices we introduce on those farmers have to consider those aspects;

- Researches made have to be participative in aim of considering farmers needs and practices;

- Strategic review, execution and evaluation have to be based on farmer centered approaches and this one have to implicated at each level;

- New politics, practices and technologies have to be popularized to beneficiaries in their languages and considering the farmers level of comprehension;

- Investments made with states and particular investors must be benefic on local communities;

- Special programs for dropout groups have to be developed;

- To engage youth in current social and economic transformation;

- To fait against all kinds of social inequalities.

The economic aspect

Farmers make the highest proportion of the earth inhabitants. Considering the fact that they feed the planet, contribute on world economy, it is unbelievable to understand that they are the first victims of food insecurity and chronic poverty. According to this, we suppose to:

- Empowering farmers in organizational framework;

- Not to evaluate the agricultural improvement in only terms of production but also in terms of farmer?s income indicators;

- Politics makers have to analyze and take care of their decisions? impact on local farmers;

- Considering the impact of agricultural sector on national economies, the budget allocated to this sector have to match with it real value;

- The part of the budget allocated to the agricultural sector which is used in administration have to be reduced so that beneficiaries could benefit from it;

- The international and regional markets mustn?t be restricting local ones;

- To develop infrastructures in rural areas where agriculture is done.

The environmental aspect

To have a sustainable development, the earth needs a safe and clean source of law materials. As the economic growth tends to endanger our ecosystem, it is vital to safeguard our natural resources such as land, water, air, forests,animals and others. So, the human beings have to:

- Control exploitation of natural resources;

- Create a better collaboration with the scientific world and environmental policy makers;

- Implement and use accordingly practices which improve our biodiversity;

- Focussing our forces on reseaches on new technologies which go with the climate change;

- Cleary explaining environmental issues in easy terms understandable by a small farmer;

- Regularly inform producers on weather conditions to allow them to plan their farming activities accordingly;

- Respect Equity and equality principals on natural resources use and benefits;
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