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Kenya Youth Strategy Meeting for Rio+20
13 Oct 2011 - 14 Oct 2011

Young people in Kenya are preparing and strategising for Rio+20. This event is one platform to actively and substantively participate in the preparatory process for Rio+20 and to share a broad and longterm view of the levels of development by identifying strategies for tackling sustainable development challenges in the country. Been both a major human resource for development and key agents for social change, they will help enrich the debate and policy dialogue and influence the conference outcome.

The meeting is been organized by the Organization of African Youth (OAYouth) in partnership with Youth Alive! Kenya.

Expected Outcome:

The meeting is expected come up with a youth position on sustainable development priorities in the country and what young people?s contribution is to tackling the challenges. It will initiate a coalition of organizations to promote sharing of ideas regarding the Rio+20 Agenda and lobby the Government to be committed in achieving sustainability. After the meeting, the youth delegates will be encouraged and empowered to undertake, together with their peers, practical action projects to promote sustainable development in the country. We also aim to raise the public and media profile awareness and enthusiasm on the Rio+20 process

Karibuni wote :)

Profile of Participants
 Aged between 18-35
 Nominated by an organization active in the field of sustainable development
 Have a strong interest and experience in sustainable development issues.
 Contribute to the debates and share knowledge on sustainable development issues.

Further Information:

For more information on the Youth Strategy Meeting contact the organizers through email:

Organisation of African Youth:;
Youth Alive! Kenya:

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