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?Energy is central to every major challenge? UN Sec Gen Ban Ki- Moon
At the Energy for All ? Financing Access for the Poor Conference in Oslo, Norway, Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary General delivered the remarks below.

Thank you very much Mr. Prime Minister and thank you for organizing this meeting and press conference.

And I?m particularly honoured to participate in this important launch of Energy + as the UN is going to focus on providing sustainable energy for all by 2030, and I really appreciate the Norwegian government led by Mr. Stoltenberg in all the initiatives he has been taking, starting from working as co-chair to make UN systems [operate more] coherently and also he led, as co-chair, this High-level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing, and he also has shown extraordinary visionary leadership in reducing deforestation and land degradation, known as REDD +.

This is a very important basis now he is taking leadership in energy, sustainable energy, and I really appreciate your leadership. I hope many leaders around the world will emulate the Norwegian initiative.And I also thank Minister Solheim for his commitment and leadership as Minister for Development. It?s not necessary to define and to explain further.

Energy is central to every major challenge we face today: relieving poverty spurring economic recovery combating climate change.

Prime Minister Stoltenberg understands very well and I?m very much grateful for you raising this, what is termed as a 50-50-50 challenge? which you have just mentioned, he has eloquently explained the urgency and seriousness of our challenge we have to address this 50-50-50 challenge. I again thank you for your leadership.

We discussed how we can work together to make this sustainable energy a reality. Next year, in June, in Rio de Janeiro, world leaders will gather to discuss and to demonstrate their leadership, how they can work together to make our sustainable development. Sustainable energy is crucial for sustainable development, as you know I have made sustainable development as a top priority of the United Nations at least for the coming five years, during my second term as Secretary General.

This is a generational opportunity to shape the world of tomorrow by the decisions we make today. In that regard I highly commend your leadership again, your initiative, this is a visionary initiative to launch Energy+ today. Saving our planet, elevating the poor from poverty, and achieving balanced global economic growth are one and the same cause.We will not achieve any of these goals without energy sustainable energy for all.

This is not what we are launching today, we have already done a great work in the past, I have established as you may remember a high-level advisory group on climate change and energy, led by our distinguished [Kandeh K.] Yumkella here, he is the general director of UNIDO, that they made the good recommendation, three targets, and as I said this morning, that we must provide universal access to all the people by2030 and we have to double this improvement of energy efficiency and by that time we have again to double this renewable energy in global the global energy mix. These are our targets, maybe ambitious, but it can be done and it must be realized for the whole world.

The goal is to generate commitments from governments and the private sector to achieve all this three linked global objectives by 2030.

Norway has consistently been among the strongest and most innovative leaders ? as I said, for example, through its support for the REDD-plus programme to reduce emissions from forest loss and degradation.

Energy-plus builds on this innovative approach.

It will help to mobilize private capital and public resources in support of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative.

I would like to thank Norway for its generous contribution to this initiative, for its trailblazing leadership and for helping to bring energy for all to the top of the political agenda.

Now more than ever, the world needs to ensure that the benefits of modern energy are available to all and that energy is provided as cleanly and efficiently as possible. We need to act now.

Let us use this Conference in Oslo and also international year, the 2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, and also the Rio+20 summit meeting to build political momentum around this critical agenda.

I thank you very much.
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