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Vienna Energy Forum 2011
21 Jun 2011 - 23 Jun 2011
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Vienna, Austria

The Forum facilitated an international dialogue on providing universal energy access and on the multiple co-benefits of increasing energy efficiency. Core themes addressed at the conference included:

- Agreeing on a common understanding of energy access
- Agreeing on a strategy to ensure universal access to modern energy services and increase energy efficiency by reducing energy intensity by 40% until 2030
- Identifying indicative targets and policies in support of these objectives
- Prioritizing key national and regional actions on energy access and energy efficiency

The Forum brought together more than 1,200 participants from 125 countries including heads of state, policy-makers, experts, civil society and the private sector. A total of 99 key speakers from 45 different countries facilitated the discussion on how to overcome energy poverty and how to move from declarations of intention to tangible action on the ground.

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