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Among the few entities in the world involved in climate change crisis struggle providing strategic support to all three pillars of Sustainability: Education, law & policy formation & climate movement

Earth Summit 2012 Rio+20, Earth?s last chance

?This is the story of Rhysling, the Blind Singer of the Spaceways - but not the official version. You sang his verses at school:

?We pray for one last landing; On the globe that gave us birth; Let us rest our eyes on the fleecy skies; And the cool, green hills of Earth?

Or perhaps you sang in French, or German. Or it might have been Esperanto - while Terra?s rainbow banner rippled over your head.

The language has been of no great importance, provided that it has been a language of the E a r t h??

"The Green Hills of Earth" by Robert Heinlein

Low expectations are often a self-fulfilling prophecy. High expectations, on the other hand, will inevitably lead to disappoint- ment. Thus Metis Global Awareness Network contributes with no expectations but intense effort & concrete proposals for a positive outcome of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development at Rio de Janeiro, 4-6 June 2012, or Rio+20, or Earth Summit, last chance in the world to tackle with climate change, sustainable development and Institutional framework. One would anxiously wait to see the acceptance of what Humanity would get in return.


Half a century of uncontrolled financial & population growth has caused unequivocal anthropogenic character climate change. The planet needs at least 50 years to recover to normal if no more negative factors make the situation worse. Earth Summit?s agreement has thus to include, among others:

1. Institutional framework based on, at least, three principles.

2. Time scarcity unanimous consensus based on scientific data defining time frame for re-engineering.

3. Global Social Contract on a Green Economy in the context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication with SHORT term, midterm & long term sustainable development scenarios. Minimum prerequisite: Ensure the Short term scenario imple- mentation focusing on time scarcity.

4. Population growth voluntary control enhanced by strong concrete incentives.

5. Sustainable urbanization in a framework of new green cities.

6. Global Awareness campaign to motivate the general audience towards sustainability.


1. A ?ready-to-operate? Institutional framework for sustainable development based on?

a. the realistic principle? Global problems require global solutions;

b. the down to? earth one: All six parameters (people, time, planet, money, ideas & material reality) have to be taken - at last, into documented consideration;

c. and the last but not least cynical one? What governments and mostly markets have to realize is that there is as much money to be made out of the wreckage of a civilization as from the up-building of one.

2. Time scarcity

How much time is left? ?Left? for what? ?How much time is left for ongoing destruction-as-usual?? ?For the end of the world?? ?How much time to ?green economy?? ?How much time to ?sustainable development?? ?How much time to reach earth tipping points or non irreversible situations?? ?How much time to return to ?normal? -not ?new? normal (e.g. 1950 planet status)? Speaking of climate change three crucial variants are to be examined: Planet Earth, human race, human civilization ?as-we-know-it?. To shortly answer: Time left for Planet Earth is about 4 billion years. Time left for human race to go extinct is about 2-3.000 years. Time left for human civilization to cease to exist is about, no more-no less than 30-50 y-e-a-r-s. What about 80 or 100 for everybody to agree? OK!!!

Metis Global Awareness Network Accredited Observer to the

Among the few entities in the world involved in climate change crisis struggle providing strategic support to all three pillars of Sustainability: Education, law & policy formation & climate movement

Crucial psychological / mental barrier concerning climate change is average human lifespan. Every negative prediction below this number is confronted by suspiciousness and denial; all negative predictions beyond this number are faced by indifference or SEP. ?It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.? Al Gore, 2/27/10

3. A Global Social Contract on a Green Economy in the context of Sustainable Development and poverty eradication with SHORT term, midterm and long term sustainable development scenarios. Contract?s sine-qua-non prerequisites should be: a. Time scarcity. b. Negative stances? neutralization by creating win-win situations (who doesn?t want a solution & why - what is needed to agree). c. Population growth control (how-to-do it incentives). d. Food and fuel prices control (how-to-do rules). e. Short term su- stainability scenario (what-to-do). Agreement?s implementation degree will prove - or NOT, Humanity?s maturity level directly linked to salvation probability. Global Public Policy Networks could be very effective specific cooperation mechanisms for implementation of agreed goals. A ?new? actor in the stage of world affairs. A non-state entity in that they are not states, and not necessarily incorporated in the legal sense, they may take on an international role, even without the formal status of an international or multilateral organization/institution. These networks are comprised by various actors from civil society, governments, government agencies, industry, industry groups, and perhaps multilateral organizations/institutions. Their activi- ties cover the range of steps in the policy process, beyond to policy proposals or lobbying, including agenda setting, policy formulation, negotiation, rule making, coordination, implementation, and evaluation. Their expertise can often play an important role in global debates and norm establishment. Beyond Multilateralism: Global Public Policy Networks, The role of Global Public Policy Networks in supporting global Institutions.

Global Social Contract (GSC) relevant actors are considered to be ALL; (official) social stakeholders and (unofficial) dominant players. What is expected by each part according to expertise and capabilities:

UN SYSTEM: credibility; the GSC under the auspices of UN.

WESTERN WORLD & BRICS LEADERSHIP: compromise on sustainable development goals and commitments;

NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS: agree to share a percentage of local responsibilities with global entities; generate policies for a non- taxable percentage on annual companies budget once spent for sustainable development investments and substantial Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

IFF: develop feasible global plans; locate and re-allocate resources.

SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATIONS: provide maximum possible RELIABLE data; make practical steps to integrate major scientific achieve- ments of 20th c. into development plans - it?s about time; IPCC Fourth Assessment Report has been a very good start mainly on global warming unequivocal anthropogenic nature. However many issues have remained open to documentation due to their unprecedented global size e.g. sea levels rise, etc. Ambiguity on these issues opens the way to skeptics & denials? speculative strategy.

OLD & NEW RELIGIONS: cooperate for the common interest.

CIVIL SOCIETY: more concrete proposals; green voluntary activity to turn into Third Sector business activity.

TRADITIONAL MEDIA, SOCIAL NETWORKING and ADVERTISING COMPANIES: ?spread the word? with no ambiguity policies. WEB, PROGRAMMERS, and TELECOMMUNICATIONS BIG PLAYERS: offer the open big field & hi-tech networking. INTELLECTUALS & ARTISTS, SHOW BIZ, SPORT and LIFESTYLE personalities: active social participation.

TRADITIONAL (EU, USA) and NEW (BRICS) GEOPOLITICAL FORMATIONS, LOCAL GOVERNMENTS & (political, financial, etc) INTER- NATIONAL ENTITIES to develop Investment programs enhanced by strong incentives to support coal, oil and nuclear industries to turn to renewable energy production in order to give an end to this unprecedented BALANCE OF FEAR AND INEFFECTIVENSS GAME amongst bureaucracy, greedy financial market and governments. There are all kinds of incentives; they only need reallocation. Investment Incent- ives, INVES T ME NT INC E NT IVES Malaysia?s Perspective , International Monetary Fund;

Among the few entities in the world involved in climate change crisis struggle providing strategic support to all three pillars of Sustainability: Education, law & policy formation & climate movement

TRADITIONAL and MODERN energy producers - and the rest of the MARKET - based on the principle ?yesterday?s competitor is to- morrow?s ally?, agree on emerging market shares and play an institutional role in the global game to SAVE THE CLIENT.

Emerging SUSTAINABLE FREE MARKET has to accept support to traditional energy demanding in return its own vital space and support by incentives.

GENERAL PUBLIC: responsible demand from all the above parties to implement each one?s agreed contribution.

4. Global Population growth voluntary control enhanced by strong concrete incentives.

The biggest issue confronting the planet is the collective demand we put upon it. And the difference in impact between popula tion growth in Third World countries, which are poor, against that in the Western world, where it consumes and wastes so much more is enormous. Anyway the global rate of human population growth peaked around 1963, but the number of people living on Earth - and sharing finite resources like water and food - has grown by more than two-thirds since then, topping out at 7 billion today. This has definitely to stop. It has to be done, firstly, voluntarily; second, its promotion has to be done offering various strong incentives in content and form considering the issue strong cultural features. However, IT HAS TO BE A SUBSTANTIAL PART OF THE DEAL, otherwise all other policies will INEVITABLY fail.

5. Sustainable urbanization

Traditional cities about to exponentially grow with no control consist one of the most crucial pollution factors. There is NO way to sustainable urbanization concerning contemporary cities, the same way an old car cannot become new. Unique sustainable solution is NEW GREEN CITIES BUILDING FROM SCRATCH in a near-by location. Positive side effects: ECONOMIES OF SCALE; Revitalization of construction field, still among the core elements of development; Unemployment decrease; Integration of tele-working in the new building design. A return-to-homeland program supported by strong incentives for old cities residents.

6. Global Awareness campaign

Humanity has to believe in what experts already know.

A Global Awareness campaign, based on ?win-win? criteria amongst ALL, official and unofficial social, stakeholders and dominant players, to be launched on core terms like ?Sustainable development & Employment - Sustainability Science?, ?Climate change crisis

- Climate Change Science,?, ?Green Economy?, ?Population Growth?, ?Civilization-as-usual continuity?, ?Production & consumption voluntary simplicity? etc. Its implementation will be the result of ALL parts? cooperation each one offering according to expertise and capabilities?:

UN SYSTEM: credibility.

NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS: loose regulation and ?green light?. INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL & SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATIONS: reliable data. RELIGIONS: genuine blessings.

CIVIL SOCIETY: proposals & good-will; accreditation: ?green dexterities? to become an additional vocational asset like ?IT dexterities.

TRADITIONAL MEDIA, SOCIAL NETWORKING and ADVERTISING COMPANIES: public opinion support expertise and free ?air time? /

space based on a well balanced percentage of paid and CSR adds.

WEB, PROGRAMMERS, and TELECOMMUNICATIONS BIG PLAYERS: offer infrastructure; tolerance.

INTELLECTUALS & ARTISTS, SHOW BIZ, SPORT and LIFESTYLE personalities: engagement to become Sustainability Ambassadors etc.

TRADITIONAL fossil fuel and MODERN energy producers - and the rest of the MARKET: funding campaign via CSR initiatives and supporting with incentives, within the framework of an agreement among themselves and governments on each one contribution concerning clean energy production share.

GENERAL PUBLIC: further dissemination of content, based on informed consent.

DENIALS / SKEPTICS? ACTIVITY WITH NO RELEVANT STRONG DOCUMENTATION has to be included in the campaign on how similar activities are to be confronted on international legal scale officially. Skeptics do represent a picturesque situation NO MORE. They represent a t-h-r-e-a-t, 1. International community has to develop a new strategy against the phenomenon as a whole. Public admi- nistration, governments, and international entities have to be persuaded to deal with it in the most formal way. Contemporary cli- mate change denial/skepticism with no scientific documentation has many common points with ?spreading false news during war?. Relevant actions to influence population morale are characterized ?high treason?. ?Crimes against Science & Humanity? is another relevant area since such an activity is against the planet and Humanity living on it. There must be a camp aign to the highest level and legal steps have to be taken to pass an international law against it. In case one could prove two entities or individuals had pre- vious communication and agreement of relevant actions (news circulation, publications, declarations, etc) ?conspiracy? is another legal domain; Last but not least, violation and/or undermining of constitutional environmental rights is the overall legal umbrella.

Global Awareness campaign primary targets:

o Public awareness on core terms, e.g. ?Sustainable development & Employment - Sustainability Science?, ?Climate change crisis

- Climate Change Science,?, ?Green Economy?, ?Population Growth?, ?Civilization-as-usual continuity?, ?Production & consum- ption voluntary simplicity? etc.

o Population growth control incentives.

o Warning on legal Denial confrontation.

Global Awareness campaign secondary targets:

o Environmental Education from student-oriented item to turn to Lifelong Learning initiative.

o Sustainability Intensive Training for the Market (from multinational corporations? CEOs to producers and from new business- men to consumers) to become an introductory module to all training items.

o Public access to information clearing houses development on international / regional / national / local / personal scale.

o Public active / creative participation on international / regional / national / local / personal level.

o International cooperation infrastructure based on win-win flexible frameworks, e.g. Global Public Policy Networks.

Please note: Hyperlinks guide to indicative web sites, not the ?best? or more ?reliable? ones.

Contact: Andreas Andreopoulos Μ.Ed., H.U.C., Climate Communication Expert, Metis Founding President

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