Caribbean Policy Development Centre
  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Major Group
  • Name: Caribbean Policy Development Centre
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The Caribbean Policy Development Center ? a coalition of NGOs of Caribbean SIDS, look forward to a renewed commitment to the intent set out Agenda 21 in which, nations small and large, commit to greater emphasis on the needs of the diverse groups of people who make up their populations, and to the best stewardship of the earth, especially in the context of the intersection between climate change and the global financial crisis. CPDC therefore seeks the inclusion of the following Specific Elements:

1. Link between climate change, more frequent disasters and the livelihoods of small farmers, small fishers, and poor women in the Caribbean Small Island Developing States

Links must be made between climate change and more frequent, more intense and more varied natural disasters on human health, agriculture, food security, and livelihoods in Caribbean SIDS. The negative consequences of global warming and sea level rise on the region?s tourism, water quality and quantity, human settlements and real GDP must be addressed from the perspective of a global Partnership.

i. Food and Nutrition Security Food Security is at the heart of the wellbeing of households, communities and nations of Caribbean SIDS which were once net exporters of food and have become net importers with the food import bill reaching out of proportion particularly with recent sharp increases in food prices.

CPDC and members propose that Caribbean SIDS adopt the strategy of Sustainable Community Food Systems to guarantee, particularly for persons living in poverty, food and nutrition security and sovereignty. Inherent in this system is women?s access to and ownership of arable land and adequate inputs to maximize their roles as producers, processors and distributors of food. CPDC NGOs propose the adoption of state policies that reserve and protect agricultural land for diversified local food production balanced with production for export. CPDC proposes the end of patenting of plant and animal genetic material which brings about much degradation of the natural environment and robs small farmers who are primary the producers for local consumption of the benefits of the land.

ii. Sustainable Consumption and Production

Prudent management of ecosystems in Caribbean SIDS is required of because of the fragile and limited nature of natural resources. Caribbean SIDS therefore need to rethink patterns of consumption and production which are influenced by global trends and practices.

iii. Biodiversity loss

This is affected by inappropriate land, unpredictable weather patterns and invasive species. Caribbean SIDS must plan infrastructural development which is appropriate for its natural ecosystems taking into account issues of mitigative climate change approaches. Caribbean SIDS must ensure protection of its borders from invasive species which are an extreme threat to biodiversity.

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