Earth Child Institute
  • Date submitted: 30 Oct 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Major Group
  • Name: Earth Child Institute
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I am writing from Nepal in support of three billion young people who are worried about their -- and their planet's -- future. The current degradation and exploitation of our Earth?s resources is simply unsustainable, and world leaders must respond in full measure when they meet next June in Rio de Janeiro.

First, we need all world leaders to recognize the urgency of the current situation. They need to understand and inform their own people about the dangers of not acting to move us toward a green economy and a more sustainable future. Youth are worried about the inequity and corruption that contribute to the overtaxing and mismanagement of critical natural resources and ecosystems and undermine the basis for ensuring decent livelihoods for the next generation. The United Nations should urge presidents and prime ministers from every nation to commit as early as possible to come to Rio and to initiate their preparations for the Earth Summit.

Second, world leaders must deliver more in Rio than another agenda with lofty goals for a distant future. Over the last half-year, young people meeting around the world have called out the weak Implementation of scores of existing treaties and action plans adopted at previous summits. These young people are demanding that the next Earth Summit instead generate specific commitments to real actions from governments at all levels, corporations, communities and civil society groups. I agree, and the United Nations should ensure that we are holding everyone accountable for their promises.

Third, governments and corporations need to commit to major new investments in education, employment and empowerment of young people in the transition to a green economy.

We cannot wait another generation for sustainability; the world's young people need their leaders to act now.
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