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Thematic event on 'Youth perspectives on promoting Green Economy in Asia Pacific mountains: Options and opportunities' at Planet Under Pressure Conference
27 Mar 2012 - 27 Mar 2012
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

London International Convention Centre

It is increasingly realised that these changes threaten and weaken mountain systems; they also present opportunities for building on their contributions to sustaining the regional and global environment and economy. Mountain resources and services are a prerequisite for achieving the goals of a low-carbon economy on a global scale. It is important to note that mountainous developing countries already have low-carbon economies but have a high incidence of poverty. Millions of people live in a fragile mountain context and depend mainly on the natural environment for their livelihoods and wellbeing. Therefore, for developing countries with substantial mountain regions, the issue is how to sustain the availability of ecosystem services, strengthen resilience, and promote low-carbon based economic growth to reduce poverty.

Youth, the most dynamic group who share 20-30% of total population in the Asia Pacific are increasingly migrating from their homelands in search of various opportunities, which has significantly affected net productivity of mountain areas and many traditions and practices are at the verge of extinction.

This presentation will discuss some of the findings identified through ICIMOD?s Rio+20 preparatory works in HKH, South and Central Asia, and South East Asia and Pacific, and seek experts view on how to engage effectively youth population to keep mountain economy green while improving significantly livelihood of mountain people.

NB: This is abstract of the overview note prepared by the organisers. There will be supporting presentations by other panelists who will submit abstracts separately.

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