Mountains Valleys Life & Citizienship Plataform
  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Major Group
  • Name: Mountains Valleys Life & Citizienship Plataform
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Mountains Valleys Life & Citizienship Plataform

For Sustainable Development on Times of Climate Change

Mountains Valleys Life & Citizienship Plataform

for Sustainable Development on Times of Climate Change inputs and contributions for compilation rio 2012 document

To: UNCSD secretariat

Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011

Stakeholder type: Plataform of NGOs

Name: Mountains Valleys Life & Citizienship Plataform

For Sustainable Development on Times of Climate Change

Submission Document: UNCSD2012MVVC_CCplataform.pdf



Page facebook:!/pages/PLATAF ORMA‐MONTANHAS‐VALES‐VIDA‐CIDADANIA‐RUMO‐a‐ RIO20/246454252057648

Community Facebook: The Begining:

Volunteer Project Manager: Léa Corrêa Pinto

The Plataform is now composed by almost 500 networks, civil organizations and citizens who have already signed the Adhesion Letter .

The Mountains Valleys Life & Citizienship Platafor for Sustainable Development on Times of Climate Change was launched in Sao Paulo State, parallel to the 1st Rio +20 Paulista Seminar, also during the Seminar of the 4th edition of the MDGs promoted by The Presidencial General

Secretariat , the United Nations Development Programme ( UNDP ) and the National Movement for Citizenship and Solidarity, as well as during the National Dialogue and Convergence Meeting of Agroecology, Environmental Health and Justice, Food Sovereignty , Solidarity Economy and Feminism, in Salvador, Bahia.

The Plataform Launched

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A case study: Threaned Cassador Basin is one of the civil historical of the Plataform

Protestors block Brazil road project ‐The Earth Times by Jack Freeman, 4/13/97

In São Paulo Metropolitan Green Belt lies the Cassador Basin located in the core area, of the Atlantic Rainforest World Heritage‐ Mab ? Unesco, it hides the Iterei Fauna and Flora Reserve, officially under private protection, since 1978 (P‐163/78IBDF) and an official member of Planet Society‐ Unesco (Project BRA022). Around there it is planned the duplication of the hiway dividing these important area.

"It must be made clear," they say in a flyer, "that there is no opposition to the construction of the highway" itself, calling it "a very important project linked to the economic well‐being of millions of Latin Americans."

But, they add, "the rainforest must not be destroyed" by the roadbuilders. "The authorities must change the design of the proposed duplication" of the roadway, they say, "in order to avoid destruction of a priceless ecosystem. A well designed project will cause no

harm to the environment; on the contrary, the unique nature of this beautiful landscape will be enhanced."

They add that there are many examples, the world over, of environmentally insensitive building projects that have been reversed because of pressure brought by

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Serra do Mar Civil Society and Ecologists

Thus, although all efforts being yet unsucessful, for caution a group of citiziens , the Iguassu Iterei Reference Center from the Citizienship Mouvement for Water, Mountains and Forests and others civil society organizations, considering that not just in Cassador Basin but all over mountains are been neglected decided that it was time for more effective actions and mobilization

suported by the prevention and precaution principles and against the environmental legal flexibilization.From theory to practice . This is the origin of the Mountains Valleys Life & Citizienship PlataformFor Sustainable Development on Times of Climate Change towards Rio+20, on the basys for desirable participative governance.

1. The Mountains, Valleys, Life and Citizensip Platform, created by the individuals and the entities undersigned, warns the Brazilian and the Global society about the importance of mountains and valleys, from the urban to the rural and the forested ones, regarding their space, territoriality, local and downstream communities from the strategical, global economic and socio‐environmental points of view through the perspective of climate change;

2. Permanent Preservation Areas ‐ APPs are those protected areas in terms of 2º and 3º Articles of the Brazilian Forest Code (Federal Law No. 4.771/1965). The Brazilian legal concept of APP relates to such areas, regardless of soil cover, the environmental function of preserving water resources, landscape, geological stability, biodiversity, plants and animals gene flow, as well as of protecting the soil and of ensuring the well‐ being of human populations;

3. The environment is the set of conditions, laws, influences and interactions of physical, chemical, biological, social, cultural and urban, which allows and governs life in all its forms (Brazilian Federal Law No. 6938/1981);

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4. The Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil (1988) asserts, in Article 225, that the environment is a healthy and balanced right of the community, therefore everyone ‐ the Government and the society ‐ have a duty to defend it for their own enjoyment and for the future generations;
5. The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (1992), held in Rio de Janeiro guarded Chapter XIII of AGENDA XXI, for fragile mountain ecosystems, because they are important sources of water, energy and biological diversity. In addition, they are key resources ? for minerals, forest and agricultural products ‐ and are a source of pleasure. As a major ecosystem representing the complex and inter‐related ecology of our planet, mountain environments are essential for the survival of the global ecosystem.. Yet mountain ecosystems are undergoing rapid change. They are vulnerable to accelerated soil erosion, landslides and rapid loss of genetic diversity and habitat;
6. Rio +20 is an excellent opportunity now to assess the status of the Sao Paulo, the Brazilian and the Global mountains, slopes and valleys environmental degradation, the actions taken in support of sustainable mountain development, the challenges, the opportunities and the necessary steps to move forward in the future;

9. In times of climate change, it is essential that all development activities, among them the infrastructure for transmontana mobility, are seized based on the principles of precaution and prevention, since natural disasters recorded in 2010 killed more than 296 800 people in the world;

8. It urges the incorporation to the concept of sustainability, the concept of survival considering that in one year the average number of victims was more than quadrupled since 1980 (66.000 deaths) and costed about $ 130 billion. 950 natural disasters were recorded in 2010, a figure well above the average of 615 over the last 30 years. In Brazil, relapse enhanced, the tragedies of the highlands, by 2011; Over the next 60 years, the storms in the city of São Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro, in the coastal towns and along the Atlantic Mountain Range ‐ Serra do Mar ‐ will triple, as, scientific study conducted by INPE (National Institute for Space Research) in partnership with the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and IAE (Institute of Aeronautics and Space). The forecast is based on increasing the temperature Atlantic Ocean water over the past 60 years, which was 0.6 ° C.;

Tragical Landslides in Brazil

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10. The Mountains, Valleys, Life and Citizenship Platform, calls everyone to join forces and to contribute with proposals and to promote debate with a view: on the maintenance of existing environmental legislation; on the weighting of the true public interest, through the prism of medium and long term, as to public and private enterprises, on the analysis of all alternatives, and regardless of the immediate costs, the forecast is to opt for greater safety of the Population, to the less disastrous alternative, to the adoption of the best scientific and technological knowledge, with the purpose of ensuring to all the multiple functions of natural resources;

11. The Mountains, Valleys, Life and Citizenship Platform confirms the Population aspiration for a Brazil and for a World with more health, less injustice, in which the quality of life for all is a criterion taken into account. A World in which the poorest are not relegated to places destroyed, dangerous and unhealthy. Where nature is respected in order to remain our main source of life and not the messenger of our diseases and disasters, (CBDFDS, 2011).

São Paulo&Salvador, September 2011


? Text and Designs Author

Léa Corrêa Pinto, Volunteer Project Manager, founder member of Mountains Valleys Life & Citizienship Plataform, coordinator of CR MCPA Mountains and Forests Iguassu Iterei

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? Drawings

Children Contexts

The Mountain´s Magie

All over the world mountains have been a children´s theme on their drawings and have been worshiped by the traditional natives, and around here it is just the same, even up to now by oneanother as well as in the other countries!The belief that mountains get mad when hurted could be accepted, considering the uptodate geological and geotechnical knowledge.Nowdays mountains preservation must be based on incentives. Also it is necessary to alert about compensation mechanisms in order that the mountains good willers not to become dependent of evil actions against nature

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