La Vida en Bici
  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
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  • Name: La Vida en Bici
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GREEN ECONOMY RIDES A BIKE


Contribution by Mati Kalwill for the compilation of the Zero Document

United Nations Conference On Sustainable Development RIO+20

Buenos Aires, Argentina - October 2011

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We are sending this document to be considered for the section of the Zero Draft which will refer to sustainable mobility and specifically urban cycling as a feature of urban viability as we discussed at the conference. This contribution has two objectives:

(1) Support the great potential of bicycles in the road towards a Green Economy, which we base on the strong relations between: the three pillars of Sustainable Development; the Indicators for a Green Economy as proposed by the United Nations in the working definition of this concept; and three fundamental values of urban cycling, as proposed by La Vida en Bici, the organization that created and promotes this contribution.

(2) Delineate a proposal of specific action oriented to the Institutional Framework for the Sustainable Development in relation to Sustainable Mobility, especially as it refers to the promotion of the bicycle as a preferent form of transportation in Cities around the world.

1. Perspective on Urban Cycling on the road to Green Economy

We ask you to take into consideration that through promoting the bicycle as the preferred mode of transportation in Cities around the world, the effort to create Green Economy is supported. We base this vision on the fact that Urban Cycling entails at least three fundamental values related directly to the pillars of Sustainable Development according to the definition created by the United

Nations; and the indicators proposed by United Nations for the construction of a

Green Economy.

We will elaborate on these concepts next so that the relationship between the three are clearly stated:


Sustainable development pillar: Evironmental protection.

Incidator of green economy: Environmental indicators.

Value of urban cycling associated with this pillar and indicator: The bicycle is

a form of transportation of low environmental impact that offers an everyday,

accesible way of reducing people's ecological footprint.


Sustainable development pillar: Economic Development.

Incidator of green economy: Economic Indicators.

Value of urban cycling associated with this pillar and indicator: Has to do with

transportation that can be accessed in an egalitarian way, the bicycle is an

instrument that promotes equality and social inclusion.


Sustainable development pillar: Social Development

Incidator of green economy: Indicators of progress and wellbeing

Value of urban cycling associated with this pillar and indicator: The bicycle

increases people's quality of life, betters their physical fitness, reduces the

risk of fatal accidents in the public space, and increases the health and general

happiness of citizens.

2.Proposal to promote urban cycling from the Insitutional Framework for

Sustainable Development through an international treaty

Given the ample relationship between green economy, sustainable development, and urban cycling, we propose that through the Insitutional Framework for Sustainable Development that will be discussed at the conference, an International Treaty to promote the bicycle as preferred form of transportation in Cities around the

world is considered. Kind greetings,

Matias Kalwill

Director of La vida en bici

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