• Lead-organizer: Suriname
  • 09:30 - 11:00
  • Date: 19 Jun 2012
  • Room: P3-E

You have never much green

Organizing partners

government of Suriname


Suriname will be presenting a Side Event in Rio on the above mentioned UN Conference, not only to impress the guests

but make sure that Suriname "brand" will be heard and seen all over with the aim of Funding for the Suriname Greening Process.

Aspect of the Side Event:

Presentation of the "Brand"

Presentation of the Greening Policy of Surinam

Presentation of the different cultures

Presentation of the Indigenous people

The effects of the "branding" to ensure poverty alleviation in the areas at the end.

Detailed programme

Furthermore The President of the Republic of Surinam will be addressing a speech where all the aspects of Greening will be mentioned.
It is therefore very important that Surinam gets the main attraction of all relevant countries and international organizations.

Because the fact that Side Events are everywhere ( see Durban example) the by Surinam organized Side Events must be especially to attract people (guests) to not only visit these Side Events, but to be involved in Suriname's interest.
This means that besides the overall presentation, gender and gender policy must be a main issue.
Besides a "Branding Specialist", Suriname will involve a Surinamese "Gender specialist" in the delegation to lead Suriname's vision with climate change as a basis and poverty alleviation within gender policy as a main goal.

Communication Strategy:

The Communication Strategy for branding exits of:
Orientation of the Conference locations (Rio-April 2012); Looking for 20m x 10m Space of Location
Preparatory actions in Surinam May-June 2012
Implementation(June 20th-June 21st )
-Decoration of the Location (in the Brand)
-Involvement of the Different cultures
-Production of Brochures, Banners, Folders and CD?s
-Program Production regarding clearly: Presidents Address, Organization of gender meeting with Gender specialist, Cultural shows
-International Media Coverage

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