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The Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NAOTF)

The mission of the Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NAOTF), a partnership between Olympians and Native American leaders and Elders, is to ?create joyful unity through sports and education, to help heal Mother Earth for all our children, including through the Olympics.?

NAOTF was co-founded by Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee, who introduced fun fitness to America while serving on four Presidents Councils of Physical Fitness, and led the Title 1X March that enforced Equal Opportunities for Women in School Sports and Education, which helped save the U.S. a trillion in healthcare and welfare.

A snow miracle in Telluride, Colorado, 16 years ago, after Suzy taught a Lokata Indian named Rollingbears to ski with a ticket donated by the ski area, inspired the ski area to partner with Suzy to pioneer Telluride?s Ute ski and snowboard program. Chaffee then enlightened and inspired ski areas/communities across North America to give thousands of their nearby underserved Native youth a chance to ski and snowboard on over a million acres of their beloved ancestral mountains. Thanks to lifting the health, behavior, academics, joy, job and Olympic opportunities of their children, the Elders have been inspired to lead Gratitude Snow ceremonies that have helped save countless ski areas from droughts, including the Salt Lake Olympics.

Over the years, NAOTF created a working partnership between the U.S. Ski Industry leaders, scientists, such as the late Nobel Peace Prize winner, Stanford?s Dr. Stephen Scheider, and a group of Native American Elders and Earth healers. For example, Seneca Elder RobertJohn Knapp who inspired Pope Benedict to declare, ?It is a sin to poison the Water,? and gifted Cherokee Earth healer, Olivia Ellis, Phd., master gardener at President Jefferson?s Montacello Gardens.

They agreed that these ceremonies that give appreciation to Mother Earth, raise the electromagnetic vibration of the mountains where no toxins can exist. And in purifying the mountains of the blankets of poisonous smog from the cities, it restores Nature?s cycles and the natural weather and precipitation of regions. Elders-led gratitude ceremonies next to oceans have a similar purifying affect on Water, also proven by Dr. Emoto, who often partners with tribal Elders worldwide to restore contaminated bodies of Water.

Further empowered by the work that the United Nations is carrying in the area of Harmony with Nature and its holistic approach, NAOTForchestrated high visibility model mountain and ocean ceremonies in Vail, Colorado, and Puerto Vallarata, Mexico, respectively, leading up to the UN?s

2011 International Mother Earth Day. We deeply honor the Indigenous Bolivians for initiating this Day, after losing their only glacier/ski area and Water supply for 2 million people in La Paz.

Learning from the Elders and proven by scientists that these ceremonies can also smooth out the earth changes related to 2012, NAOTF called upon the US Ski Industry leaders, David Ingimie, to assist us in reaching out to ski leaders on other Continents to share this ceremonial solution to inspire communities to live in more harmony with Nature, to help ensure that future generations can enjoy snowsports. Through our world press stories (some articles getting 10 pages on Google, including, USA Today, the Vatican and two UN websites), and contact with foreign ski leaders, added to partnerships with Michelle Cousteau, George Baumaster, and Mountaineers, our stories have helped inspire many communities to invite the

Indigenous Elders to lead cross-cultural ceremonies in Australia, South America and Europe, which reconnect us with our Earth-honoring Indigenous roots.

Scientists have also proven the power of prayers. To help diminish and purify the oceans from radiation from Fukushima?s nuclear catastrophe, NAOTF circulated in the press worldwide Dr. Emoto?s Hawaiian Elders? powerful healing prayer.

To help prevent Los Alamos? nuclear catastrophe on our soil, which would have dwarfed Fukushima?s, NAOTF gave world press spotlight to the prayers led by the Apache Elders, and united with prayers by hundreds of cross-cultural people of different faiths done on Mt. Baldy, one of ?19 Holy Mountains.? The rains miraculously came and winds shifted across the street from the Lab. These Holy Mountains on four Continents are energized so that each prayer on any part of them, even in the parking lot if you are disabled, is like 3,000 people praying with you. Stories available on WWW.SNOW-RIDERS.ORG.

Stanford?s scientists and others corroborate the pioneering efforts of Sir George King, astrophysicist-mystic, to store prayers by hundreds of pilgrims on Holy mountains in the U.K. and U.S., to be able to send them to prevent or diminish catastrophes and more quickly recover from them.

Practical and Spiritual solutions need to go hand in hand to restore the Earth . Mother Earth has warned the Elders that man cannot keep polluting the lands and mountains. Doing ceremonies is a band aid to compassionately assist in emergency droughts and catastrophe, but our countries and individuals need to make bold green changes to prevent reruns. Yet these miracles, more than anything woke up Suzy and communities to realize that Mother Earth really listens to heart-felt prayers and appreciation.

Therefore since the toxins from all countries end up in the oceans, and we are headed toward mass extinctions, and the trade winds bring clouds of toxins to the Arctic regions and melt our glaciers, and every time we use a product with toxic chemicals we are contaminating our very drinking Water which is the key to life, we must quickly shift to using all natural products and foods. The US has only banned 5 toxins, E.U. 35, and Japan 48, and we must do more to survive and thrive.


Since most people have a hard time believing that the UN has made this phenomenal mind and heart shift in the last few years, which NAOTF heartily applauds, we recommend that the UN uses its immense resources and networks to better get the word out that they believe that Mother Earth is a living, and infinitely loving, compassionate intelligent being. Our Earth Family needs to hear that UN leaders and ambassadors from each country support these Elders-led ceremonies that are backed by Nobel Laureate scientists.

Therefore, NAOFT recommends:

1. That RIO-20 actively encourages world participation in Elders-led ceremonies and prayers, and to share joyful sports, dance and music activities, especially with the youth, which will also help prevent 2,000 tribes from going extinct each year, according to the U.N.

2. That the U.N. raise awareness and encourages our Earth Family to make pilgrimages to the Holy mountains (See Annex 1). The Aetherius Society, founded by Dr. King to assist pilgrims access them safely via And there are regular groups one can join. Some can be climbed in an hour and others in a day.

3. To restore our dying oceans, get agreements by all countries to ban 100 of the most dangerous toxins within 3 years, using the E. U. model, combined with the proposed U.S. model, approved by Elders, which test chemicals by using human cells in petree dishes rather than genociding millions of animals.

4. Follow the Mexican Government model of assisting farmers in becoming organic certified. Mexico has many organic farms.

5. Encourage all schools to have organic gardens to prevent obesity, diabetes and teach children to organic farming, to help restore world soil and Water purity. And ideally have local Elders bless them at a ceremonial dance.

6. That all 192 UN member states strongly enforce laws protecting the headwaters of vast regions, since healthy normal Nature cycles are critical to ensure gentle abundant rain, snow and snowmelt for drinking Water, Nature and Agriculture. Aspen (next Castle Peak, a Holy Mountain), and the Arizona Snow Bowl (on the San Francisco Peaks, sacred to 13 tribes), are the Water sources of Colorado and the Southwest. They both found that through tribal-led ceremonies and detoxing their ski areas and towns with a variety of wind, solar, biodiesel mass transportation and snowcats, they restored their abundant snow cycles. While the Snow Bowl wanted to use wastewater in the snowmaking that could not filter hospital drugs, the tribal ceremonies and prayers we circulated worldwide made it so that the snowmaking was never needed for the last 4 years.

7. Acknowledge Student Green power through praising Middlebury (Vermont) College Students who created the first Zero Carbon Ski Area in partnership with Native (Wind) Energy, which won a world clean energy Oscar in Switzerland. Also the US Colleges who switched to green cleaning, including North Arizona University, which helped end Arizona Snow Bowl?s snow drought.

8. Urge everyone with standard toilets to put a rock or two into its reservoirs, which could perhaps save quadrillions of gallons of precious Water from going down the drain.

9. NAOTF recommends that Elders are allowed to present some of their contributions to live in harmony with nature and honour Mother Earth:

- Johann Grander should present his GRANDER METHOD AT RIO-20.

- Jamie Scheckman, founder of MountainRiders Alliance, who is ushering in a new era of Green Ski Areas that honors harmony with Nature above profit, should be cited as a model. Native-Skiers/blog/5400887/75233.html

- Robert John Knapp speak on behalf of Mother Earth about preserving Her waters, given his Seneca Nation?s Water Prophesy. Humanity may be as touched as Pope Benedict was to declare it a sin to poison the Water.


The Elders say what we eat affect the way we think and the same can be said about what countries eat. In order to create a healthy Earth Family with the energy and vision to live in harmony with Nature and restore our planet, we need to create psychologically healthy

populations through diet and exercise. Karl Jung (Swiss), ?The Father of Modern Psychology,? realized while living with a Pueblo Indian Family the five keys to being psychologically healthy: Sports, ideally in Nature and daily PE so kids can get naturally high and develop intuition; Fine Arts classes in schools to express who we are; giving back our unique gift for the greater good (now curing bullies); and giving gratitude, including to Mother Earth. Therefore, NAOTF urges all countries:

1. To support daily sports plus the arts to create a psychologically healthier Earth Family, which is critical to creating good earth guardians. Also spread awareness of the other keys.

2. To help spread this research about Stevia as a cost-effective alternative to the world diabetes-obesity epidemics.

3. To urge star athletes to cheer on their country?s children to reduce diabetes by also giving clinics in schools.


1. Above all else, RIO‐20 leaders must urge humanity to ensure the Prophesy of Peace and Prosperity for 1,000 years by boldly enlightening and insisting our leaders and representatives learn from Fukushima and the Gulf catastrophes, and stop serving the nuclear and oil corporations, given their connection to wars and annihilation. The People have spoken through both the Nuclear and Wall Street protests around the world, that we want a nuclear‐free world, since nuclear is motivated by what turns out to be sociopathic greed by the Military Industrial Complex. President Eisenhower warned us about them in his farewell speech. 2012 is the winding down of the greed machine and the rise of heart‐ centered, and those serving the People through safe clean wind, solar, geothermal and tidal turbine energy are flourishing. See Annex to learn the lessons of how three worlds have Already been destroyed.


1. Urge humanity to further protect our forests following 2011?s Year of the Forests, by encouraging all schools, Parks, Forest Departments, and ski areas to give an honorarium to Indigenous Elders or teachers to lead hikes in Nature to help students and hikers see through the eyes of their ancient Earth‐honoring ancestors. 4th grade students in Telluride were totally fascinated by a Cherokee teacher who substituted a Forest Ranger who got sick. Aspen SkiCo then contacted to implement such a program for their 4,000 per year Nature Adventurers on skis, snowshoes and shoes in summer.


Background Information on the Stevia Plant

Diet is also key to creating healthy Earth Guardians. Recent studies found that consuming high levels of sugar damages our brains, causes ADD and ADHT, the sugar blues, depression and violence ? a pipeline to prison. The U.S. and Mexicans are the biggest consumers of Coke and Pepsi, which have 40 grams of sugar, when 15 grams of sugar is the recommended healthy limit per day. When a Mexican-American teacher got the sugary soda machines banned in the LA School district, violence in schools was also reduced by 65%. (NPR Radio) Yet there is a solution to the Wall Street Journal findings that ?the number of adults with diabetes has doubled world-wide over the last three decades to nearly 350 million, and nearly threefold in the U.S.? ?And Diabetes long-lasting and disabling condition is going to be the largest cost for many health systems.?

1,500 years ago the South American tribes discovered a flowering herb called Stevia Rebaudiana, which the Spanish then helped spread worldwide since it is the only known natural sweetener with zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and a zero glycemic index, which gives you zero fluctuations in blood glucose and energy roller coasters, and zero contributions to any disease. Yet surprisingly not everyone knows about this extraordinary sweetener.

Asia is the largest grower and user of Stevia, and have nearly stamped out diabetes. Stevia keeps blood sugar levels healthy to avoid hypoglycemia, which makes one vulnerable to the overuse of the fermented sugars in alcohol, which is only a step away from alcoholism and drug abuse. Another study found that ?82.6% of those who attempted suicide were under the influence of alcohol and drugs.?

The tribes also used organic Stevia leaves for their anti fungal, viral, bacterial, cavity and gum disease qualities to heal wounds. There are many companies now making Stevias available in powder packets, liquid bottles, shakers, tabs, syrups, and canisters (fiber baking version) that are sold at healthfood stores, online, many grocery stores, supermarkets and super discount stores worldwide. While all Stevias are healthier than the toxic processed sugars, GMOed high fructose corn syrups in most sodas, and chemical sweeteners, the pure organic Stevias without additives, such as NOW Foods, Pyure Sweet, and KAL, plus Zevia and Rainforest Colas, have the healthiest qualities. Because Stevia is also an antioxidant which dilates blood vessels, it increases mental activity and reduces the craving for tobacco, sugar and alcohol. And no side effects have ever been found.

Pure organic Stevias without fillers are the best solution for managing or possibly reducing diabetes, as well as for those who want to enjoy vibrant health and never want to get it.

The U.S. manufacturers have some of the healthiest best tasting organic Stevia sweeteners and Stevia sodas, which are available in other countries, are now becoming available also to Latin America. Because Mexico has the highest Diabetes in the world, including children, in a role reversal, NAOTF united some of the Pan Am heroes who are gladly cheering on the Mexican children, as well as their countrymen, to be Lean, Clean and Diabetes-free through Stevia awareness!

Background Information on Purifying our Waters Solution

As part of encouraging other Continents to invite their Indigenous Elders or Shamen to lead ceremonies, I learned from the leaders of the Kitzbuhl ski Club about their revered local astrophysicist-shaman, Johann Grander, who has help purify their waters so they can drink from

their streams. His Grander Method is now used by ski areas across Austria and other countries. ?As a result, Kitzbuhl?s fields are also flourishing, and we have an abundance of natural spring drinking Water, which we use for the little snowmaking we need, despite our low altitude. Austria also to uses clean hydro power, and no nuclear plants ever, and all 28 E.U. countries having strict laws protecting our waters, thanks to banning 35 toxins, including chlorine, and our mountain communities are monitored regularly by the government and universities,? said the KSC Vice President Peter Obernauer.

"Because of different damages and stressors today, our Water lacks its original cleanliness and potency,? says Johann. In the YouTube video, ?Water: the Great Mystery? researchers in 11 countries and Nobel prize winner, Kurt Wuthrich, studied the only other known original Water, which is protected by a tribe in Venezuela, and found it had 40,000 times the potency on all our organs than tapwater.

The GRANDER Water revitalization system gives Water the information back it needs to build up its self-purification process and its power," says Johann, who was honored by the Russians after verifying his science. Its applications for swimming pools, home Water systems, speedy recovery for injured Olympians, and spas, is used by enlightened communities around the world, including a green hotel in Boston and a Country Club and swimming pool in Taos, New Mexico.


Creating a nuclear‐free world is the highest priority, given how renowned scientists now agree with the Hopi Elders that, "Three of our worlds have already been destroyed. The first one by volcano triggered fires, the second by ice, and the third by floods, all as a result of the Earth shifting on Her axis. Creator destroyed these worlds after the Oneness given us turned into human quarrels, corruption, world wars over materialism, and then technology making humanity forget to 'sing joy from our hearts to Creator'. (sound familiar?) But those who kept their hearts open were saved." ("Book of Hopi" by Frank Waters)

We are now in the 4th world, and Hopi Elders say that "the United States will be destroyed, land and people, by atomic bombs and radioactivity. But those with peace in their hearts will be sheltered." The Elders also say that prophesies can shift as the minds and hearts and actions of humanity shift. Australia's Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Helen Caldecott, also called nuclear a destroyer of worlds and the late Sir George King, astrophysicist and mystic, corroborates much of the Hopi Prophesy. In his book The Holy Mountains of the World (published by Aetherius Society). He said "Planet Earth is an ancient Goddess of immense compassion, wisdom and cosmic experience, who gives us refuge upon Her surface."

The difference is that he says the axial turns all triggered massive floods that cleansed the earth and prevented nuclear chain‐reactions. Dr. King explained that Man had nuclear technology then that could have killed life forms on most of the planet's surface for hundreds of thousands of years, and possibly Mother Earth Herself. And the Great Ones consider the protection of Mother Earth as first priority.

Our human family has flunked "Survival 101" three times from forgetting, ignoring, allowing ourselves to be distracted, or hiding these lessons. The Elders agree with Dr King's book ?You Are Responsible,? which would say to recommend:

That RIO‐20 leaders must INSIST that our leaders shut down and stop the licensing and building of all nuclear reactors, and in unity phase out anything nuclear related NOW (weaponry, uranium mines and mills), which are fronts for producing yellow cake to build 40 immensely profitable nuclear bombs per reactor. Yet Fukushima was 1,000 times more destructive than any nuclear bomb explosion, say scientists. Then we need to SHIFT Budgets from defense and nuclear projects to safe wind, solar, tidal turbine and geothermal energy. Let our Earth Mother safely boil our Water. Let Her hum with happiness with abundance for all!

Electrical and nuclear engineer Dr. Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, has done studies that show, ?We have the technology today to completely power America with wind and solar energy.

Since the UN woke people up that Mother Earth is a living being, and nuclear is the most dangerous toxin to Her existence and therefore ours, RIO‐20 should call on our Earth Family

to set our hearts on choosing to manifest the prophesy of 1,000 years of Peace and Prosperity for all life forms on our New Earth.


Suzy Chaffee (Laplander) ‐ NAOTF co‐chair, co‐founder, executive director, Olivia Ellis Phd (Cherokee) gifted Earth healer

Billy Kidd ? (Abenaki) first American male to win an Olympic Alpine medal,

Tex Hall ? (Hidatsa‐Arikara), former President of National Congress of American Indians, former NAOTF‐cochair

Mary Duffy ? Gifted Grandmother of Appalachian Cherokee Nation


Rabbi Michael Saftler ? a founder French Princess Caroline Murat Prince Albert of Monaco Senator/Olympian Bill Bradley

Phil Jackson ? LA Lakers Coach Guru

Valerie Nunez ? Apache Earth Healer

Sperry Andrews ? Consciousness Scientist

RoberJohn Knapp (Seneca) ? inspired Pope Benedict to declare, ?It is a sin poison the Water.? Jamie Schecter ? founder, Mountainriders Alliance


Contact:, 323 4933877 (U.S.)

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<p>? Wood, J., (2003), "The Wisdom of Nature=The Nature of Wisdom", participant at the 5th Conference of the</p>

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<p>John Wood ‐ <a href=""></a></p>

<p>Mrs. Ann Schlachter <a href=""></a></p>

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