Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Date submitted: 2 Nov 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Member State
  • Name: Lao People's Democratic Republic
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HE Amb.Zha Sha Zukang
Under-Secretary General for Economic and Social affairs
DESA, United Nation,
One UN Plaza, DC-1-14th floor New York, USA

Subject: Request for the support to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Lao PDR to prepare the National Report for its upcoming Rio+20

Your Excellency Mr. Zha Sha Zukang

The government of Lao PDR is in the process of preparing the progress on theSustainable dewlopment including the Rio Convention being achieved in the last twenty years. The process that we are embarking on is through a participatory approach of different stakeholders that would include different strata of the society through consultative : workshops, site specific seminars which wouldidentify the priorities for the nex.t phase of the Rio+20. The outcome of this consultative process would also be the country's statement all d position to the forthcoming Rio+20 Earth SUMMIT. I am attaching aproposal for your kind consideration.
I would highly appreciate your kind support if your team under your leadership could assist the Ministry of Natural Resource and /Environment of the Government of Lao PDR to prepare the national report for the upcoming Rio+20 meeting this year.
I look forward to receiving your positive reply! in a very near future.
A. Bask Data
1. Project Title Preparation of attendance to the Rio+20 Earth. Summit
2. Recipient Country LaoPDR
3. Executing Agency Ministry of Natural Resources and Envirenment (MONRE)
4. Implementing Organization: Envirenment Department~ Department of Forestry efMONRE, Natienal Agriculture and Forest Research Institute (NAFRl) of MAF,

5. Type of Activity:

1. National preparatien

- National censultant: to. act as resource persens incOlmtry
- Werkshops
- Miscellaneous expenses (travel, communicatiens,
pUblications, copying, venue, etc)
- Adminjstrativecosts

6. Period this funding Nov 2011-' May 2012 request will cover";
B. Proposed Activity  
1- Background and Rationale: Laos is a Land-locked country with a majority i.s mountainous area with a
Rationale: population of over 6 IDillion, of which 20.4% lives under the poverty line of2
US dollar per day (2010), Laos has many ethnic minorities and has diverse
cultures. In 2007, GNP per capita was 67S US dol1ar.It is among the poorest
country in Asia-Pacifip. The human development inoex is ranked at 122 of 169
countries (2010). Dueito such conclitions, the sustainable development of natural
resource is considered as a top priority.
Laos is party to all the Rio Conventio!'\s and has been engage with them
from rhe beginning. mIlking efforts to fulfill its commitments. The United
National Framework Convention pn Climate Change; the government of Lao
PDR ratified tb~: UNFCCC in 1995 and the Kyoto Protocol in 2003. Th.e country
completed the Tnitial National Communication (SNC). Th.e National Adaptation
Pian of ACJ;ion (NAPA) was .released in May 2009 and contains 45 priority
projects within four identified sectors of priority for climate change adaptation,
namely agriculture, fcirestl)' ? water and water resources and health. The United
National Convention to Combat Desertification: The Lao PDR ratified the
UNCCD 00 19!h December 1996, and the Convention entered into force for Lao
POR on 26'-" :Decemb~:r 1996. The country progl'ess report the effective
implementati.on of the UNCCD mentioned 8S part ofthe COllvenrion, the Lao
PDR is planning fo elaborate legislation according the National Constitution ,
Environmental Pro(ec~ion Law) l.and Law, Forest Law, Water and Water
Resources Law, Agriculture Law and even though the government of the Lao
PDR considered decehtralized Land manag~ment. forestland management and
water resources management as the key national priority programme
programmed and national strategy to eradication of poverty in. the whole
country, and that a number ofpoUcy and legal framework concerning the '
effective implementat~on of the UNCCD. LaoPDR submitted all three national
reporTS to tile UNCCD (in 2000, 2002 and 2006). The Convention on
Biological Diversi.ty: The National Capacity Needs Self -assessment for global
environment managerp,ent indicated. The Lao PDR became a party of enD on
19tb December 1996. With ratification of the Convention comes the
responsibility for Parties to fulfill expectations outlined in the Convention and
associated insti'tltnems, including the 2010 Biodiversity Targets. The UNCBD
has three objectives: the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use
of its components, un? the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out
of rb.e utilization of gqnetic resources. Therefore, one way to preparing the
national report to attemd the RIO EARTH SUMMIT.
3. Objectives;
The objectives of this
project are to:
- Preparing before the RIO EARTH SUMMIT;
- Dlscussion With line ministries and agency;
- Report to the committee who is to attend the R[O EARTH SUMMiT;
- To make national report;
? To Improve k-nowledge about Ri.o+20.
5. Scope of
of Proposed
Using the participatory approaches:
? To conduct the participatory approaches by tovolvirlg of relevant
stakeholders, such as line Ministries, civil society, vulnerable groups,
National Consultant, etc. The responsibilities ofllie participants are: (1)
to attend different consultation meetings; (2) to particjpate io different
activities: need assessment, data collection, short term the national
report draftillg> implementing in Vientiane Capital city, monitoring
and evaluation implementing.
? To establish lnter-minis!:ry steering c:omn.uttee al1d also inter-technical
working group.
? To establish evaluation team
7. Work :Plan and

? Start the imp.lemeotation from end

? Mid.term review and evaluation;
? Financial evaluation and end of work;
? Progress rep6rt ..... ilL be submitted to .UNDP new York every 3 month;
.. Annual report will be submitted to UNDP new York as required.

9. Expected Outputs
and Outcomes
project outputs are:
- To have national report;
- To enhance the pUblic awareness in participants;
- To enhance capacity .building.
5.2. project outcomes are:
Revise implementation of 3 Rio convention;;
Raising public participations;
Good qualitY, of national report.
11. Ev.aluation and
6.1. Evaluati.on I '
National steering committee (report and evaluation);
Mid-term 3.'1a short-term evaluation.
6.2. Information Dissemin.1tion
Public awareness campaign through different mass media (radio,
newspaper, ~d television).
13. SustainabiUty (In
case of Pilot
? Learning by aoiog from the implementation of the Rio 20 years;
? Support the long term vision on strategy.
8. Amount Request: 42.800 usn (allocated on the basis per year for one year)
C. Cost Estimate and Disbursement Schedule;
The proposed activity budget and all the sources of financing as well as disbursement schedules need to be
specified according to activities.
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