The Innovative Ecocity System ?New World?
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  • Name: The Innovative Ecocity System ?New World?
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The Innovative Ecocity System ?New World?

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The Interregional Public Movement of Aborigines ?The Innovative Ecocity System ?New World?, hereafter called as IPMA ?NW? (MODA ?NM?), expects that at the Rio+20 Summit the priorities will be identified allowing all the people on the Earth to rise to a new level of development complying with modern eco-safety requirements of the Planet.

Within the framework of the Summit the foundations of an entirely new policy should be laid, which aim to preserve an environmental and ethnic-cultural heritage, the basis of an eco-orientated education for the Earth`s population. At the same time, a historical heritage should be interpreted as a memory, a sort of the genetic code of ethnic groups and human species as a whole.

IPMA ?NW? (MODA?NM?) offers the following issues for consideration at the Summit: ethnic diversity preservation and indigenous rights protection of aborigines. It is native minorities and large nations who are considered to be real bearers of national culture, wardens of folk wisdom and customs, and traditional nature management, accordingly, that provides human existence in harmony with the environment. The present day situation in the society is in urgent need to put more emphasis on indigenous culture as an important factor. It is ancestors? centuries-long experience in symbiosis with state-of-the-art technologies that will contribute to soil-fertility restoration and help an individual get used to climate changes.

Being granted de-jure political status of aboriginal peoples, the mankind would be able to take advantage of their ancestors` knowledge and cultural heritage for the sake of preserving the Planet. To that effect, it is necessary to focus on developing and enriching cultural identity, international cultural cooperation, eco-ethnic tourism, using utterly ?green? technologies and expanding public participation in cultural life.

It is the aborigines? knowledge of ecological way of human coexistence with nature in definite regions and understanding of phenotypic national diversities that the ?geopolitical tolerance? notion should be based on, because studying the other nations way of life will guarantee global prosperity and peaceful coexistence of the representatives of different nations.

In that respect IPMA?NW? (MODA ?NM?) proposes

1. To hold a round-table meeting on the cultural issues and traditions of the Indigenous Peoples of the World aimed at preserving centuries-long wisdom and passing it over to future generations.

2. To discuss the necessity of drafting Ecological (Green) Constitution of the Planet.

As an example IPAM ?NW? (MODA ?NM?) submits the project allowing to implement gradual transition from carbon to Green Economy ? the innovative Ecocity system ?New World?. The full-scale transition to green technology will provide the world as a whole and Russia in particular with CO2 emissions reduction and thus fulfil Kyoto Protocol?s conditions.

?New World? is a unique project as it includes all spheres of life activity of modern human. The main emphasis is put on culture, tourism and education ? those branches which need to be developed and supported in the post-industrial society.

The ?New World? project was originated in December 2001 after the economic crisis in Argentina, which demonstrated the importance of food safety development for the society and state. The project transparent structure allows it to be updated and transformed amid market turbulence. In that connection, it was repeatedly re-edited and upgraded according to innovative technologies development which contribute to rational use of the environment.

In the contemporary world the urbanized territories crisis has become evident: small towns are losing their importance in connection with a number of economic factors such as drop in product prices, fixed capital irrational usage and natural urbanization, whereas large megapolises are suffering from overpopulation, ecological, social-demographic and other problems.

3. To discuss the possible solution of some ecological, economic and social issues through advertising the opportunities of urban-to-ecovillage migration. Such a decision might be the only possible in the period of crisis, dramatic climate changes under the influence of devastating atmospheric effects, natural disasters, mass migration, megapolis ecological hazards, possible terror acts and infectious subversive actions in the places of urban population concentration.

The strategy of ecocity development amid global drinking water and food shortage will help solve the problems of abandoned land colonization and make possible to live without giving up urban comfort and in full agreement with the environment. IPAM ?NW? (MODA ?NM?) sees the way out of this situation in ecovillages competent management which is able to solve social, economic and ecological problems:

- unemployment; - regular displacement over the territory of the Planet which will favourably affect demographic conditions and result in avoiding economic skewness in the development of countries;

- fair housing for orphanage residents, needy families and returnees;

- food self-supporting families;

- agricultural eco-production;

- remote work opportunities to solve urban transport and ecological problems;

- craftsman enterprise renewal and rural tourist centres due to small and family businesses in ecovillage;

- budget overspending due to reassignment of funds from pension provision to medical provision;

- urban environmental condition because of overpopulation;

- food crisis danger;

- free-of-anthropogenic activities land development;

- preservation of multinational palette, world natural and cultural heritage ? far from being a complete list of issues, which can be solved in the process of the project implementation. The rural tourism development on these territories will also let raise additional funds to federal and local budgets through fiscal revenues.

The representatives of Indigenous Peoples have worked out the Ecocity Project based on communal villages which is being offered to all the countries as the basis for transition to the ?green economy? concept.

The ?New World? Ecocity project can be applied all over the world.

In connection with above mentioned, IPAM ?NW? (MODA ?NM?) applies for accreditation at the RIO+20 Summit in 2012.

Sincerely, Director IPMA?NW?

Anna Vititina

The International System of innovative cities "New World"

"New World" - a comprehensive solution priorities of the Russian Federation

?The project, developed under government programs, the modernization of Russia and the renewal of "green" lifestyle.

?"New World" - a project of the first city in Russia, which will be built in - line with the elements of broadcast shows.

?"New World" - the format of the new concept of living in the XXI century.

?"New World" - a demonstration platform of innovative technologies of construction, production, educational programs, maintenance of farm and agro - industrial farms, and just a comfortable existence.

?"New World" - an ideal platform for the introduction of IT-technologies in farming and agricultural sector.

?"The new world - a complex for the implementation of educational and scientific programs

"New World" - the goals and objectives

- Create an innovative environment-friendly village with a complete self assurance and inner, modern infrastructure.

- Development of innovative technologies of agriculture in harmony with nature.

- Creation of cultural - historical basis for the initiation of young people in agriculture, nature, traditional crafts.

- Involve young people in the agricultural field.

- Provide young professionals with jobs in rural areas.

- Reduction in unemployment in the country.

- Training and retraining to change careers professionals.

- Provision of housing to socially disadvantaged people, young professionals, families and other groups.

- Ensure that the resettlement of young people from children's homes in new housing estate.

- Attracting young families in the agricultural settlement.

- Providing the population with ecologically pure products.

- Obtaining a platinum international certificate of environmental quality.

- Introduction of innovative technologies in farming. - Create a free base for recreation and education of children in harmony with nature, involve young people to a healthy lifestyle.

"New World" - the investment attractiveness

?Novelty - on the market today there are no analogues of the project, and the need for acomfortable accommodation for Russians is the most acute problem for the state.

? Relevance - Russia's policy aimed to build one-story house, focuses on villages that are not designed, to meet all the needs of residents and leave the dependence of the settlers to the city. "New World" covers the full range of services to the public. Thus save people from traveling into the city. The project includes the execution of a number of government programs, the introduction of innovative technologies, considers most comfortable living conditions.

?Development - given the unprecedented nature of all components of the project, the construction of these cities will be in every region of Russia.

?Exclusivity - the world has a similar project a green city in the U.S., the establishment of settlements in the "New World" will be unique not only in Russia but also for entire Eurasian continent

"New World" - the stages of implementation

?Selection of land corresponding to the construction and agricultural household goods

?Architectural plans

?Harmonization of the construction plan

?The architectural design competition

?Conducting PR campaigns

?Conduct planning areas and landscaping

?Construction of major buildings

?Placing production and tourism zone

?Construction and landscaping on individual plots and common area

?Conducting planned presentation of reports of construction green Design

?Carrying out planned activities to attract professionals and the organization of space

?Start the farms and household plots

?The organization of social programs of the project

Pilot version of the implementation of systems of Innovation eco-city

The city projected onto a circular system. Town buildings dismantled by thematic quarterly, with the possibility of expandingresidential and industrial zones on the perimeter.


1. administrative

2. technical

3. residential

4. tourist

5. Cultural \ educational

6. agro-industrial

7. airport

? New World "- All-Russian project

?Residential District "New World"

- "Star Home" street of houses built with the participation of stars of show business andpolitics with the demonstration of innovative "green" construction techniques and finishes.

- "Elite complex" high-tech luxury single-family houses with a demonstration of "smart house".

"Affordable housing" single-family houses for the residents of an area of 100-150 an example of real quality, comfortable accommodation for each Russian.

Homes are designed with the system energy saving and heat preservation. Greenhouse equipped with a system "Winter Garden" Home obledeneny 4-6 houses with internal patio, children / playground and place under the Private Farmland

The main component of green plants City - fruit trees. All residents Have the opportunity to make free harvest and eat the fruit straight from the trees

"New World" - a socially significant project

·Agro-industrial quarter

"Farm area" - area of production of environmentally friendly products and livestockbreeding and conservation of endangered species of animals.

Plant Nurseries

- Research and production facilities - laboratories, experimental fields for practical experiments and the agricultural production base of bio-preservation and cultivation ofgenetically pure media. Water resources for industrial fish farming, seaweed, Service farmland and compliance with fire security

"New World" - an international, independent project


Industrial zone - final products: Finishing materials, energy saving and energy-producing products, foods, household items. Environmental Center, representatives of international organizations. Scientific-Technical Complex. Craft workshops. Technical Station of Service life Space.

- Bio-base.

"New World" - an international youth project

?sports quarter

Multifunctional stadium quickly collecting

School of the military-patriotic education of youth

Children's band of sports equipment

SPA center "pascivnogo" sports for people with problems musculoskeletal

Polygon "special forces" training

historic landfill

The site of parachuting

Rock climbing

The festival site

"New World" - the first independent Russian conceptual design

·Tourist quarter

The hotel complex. Sanatorium "Family House".

- Shopping center.

3D complex innovations.

Innovation Exchange.

Health center. Restaurant street.

Tea yard.

Landscape Sculpture exhibition, Topiary.

children's recreation program, "The world of fairy tales." Eco circus.

Museum exhibitions, thematic exhibitions of Russian and foreign artists, jewelers andphotographers.

Ethnocultural cycle, the revival of Russian culture and daily life.

- On-line exhibition of the latest developments in the field of housing.

"New World" - caring for future generations


?The project provides a sanatorium complex for children's activities

?Center for Healthy lifestyle Eco dentistry

?Medical Center prenatal training


?Platform for students trainees

?School of historical education of the youth

?School of IT technologies of 3D modeling and design

?Center for Vocational and further education

?School revival of Russian villages Gleb Tyurin

?Preschool program to prepare children for the unique author's program

"New World" - an innovative project

· "New World" is being built in an open broadcast on the Internet, with regular stories on the center channel, press - releases in foreign media.

Weekly magazine will keep the body:

- On the construction of

- To hold contests and quizzes on entertainment stages of the project

- Maintain the casting of future residents

- Promote and highlight current "economic technology" construction, and the least cheap building materials

- Perform ratings among heads of districts and municipalities on the title of the best and most advanced self-management

- Provide legal advice in

- Housing and land issues

- Lighting the world achievements in the field of Eco

" New World "- anti-corruption project

A key feature of the concept of the project to provide free housing project participants, the organizers of the local productions of "New World", including crafts and farming, intellectuals, and families with children and Curators of the permanent eco-city projects of the Russia "New World"

"New World" is aimed at solving social problems

- Current solution to housing and jobs for young families and specialized professionals

- Will significantly reduce human-induced pressures and have a healthy effect on the surrounding environment and people; Solve the problem of overcrowding in cities, the problem of unemployment;

- To contribute to the awakening of this sense of the motherland; Reduce transport costs associated with forced travel to work;

- Solving problems internally displaced persons;

- Involve young people to realize themselves outside of the city and to promote the revival of the village;

- Solve the problem of crime;

- Solve the problem of abandoned children and orphans;

"New World" focuses on the implementation and development of state programs

?State Program "Development of physical culture, sport, tourism and improving the implementation of youth policy", including the federal programs - "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015" and "Development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation (2011 - 2016) ?

? State Program "Development of Science and Technology?

? State program "Economic Development and Innovation Economy?

? The State Programme "Information Society (2011 - 2020 years)?

? State Agricultural Development Programme and the regulation of markets of agricultural products, raw materials and foodstuffs

? State Program "Development of fish-economic complex?

? State Program "Development of Foreign Economic Activity?

? The State Program "Regional policy and federal relations"

"New World" focuses on the implementation and development of state programs

?State Program "Russian Culture?

?State Program "Environmental Protection - State program" Energy saving and energy efficiency for the period up to 2020 ?

?The state program "Social support to citizens?

?State Program "Providing quality housing and utility services of the Russian population?

?The State Programme "Promotion of Employment?

?The state program "Protecting the population and territories from emergency situation protect populations, territory, critical infrastructure of the population and critical threats from natural and man-made, fire safety and security at water bodies

?State support for small business

"New World" was developed in the framework of federal programs

?Federal Target Program "Social development of the village?

?Federal Target Program "Development of Education in 2011-2015?

?Federal Targeted Programme for Education Development for 2011-2015

?Federal Programs - "low-rise Russia - social housing" The federal program "Affordable Housing" National project - "Development of agriculture," the federal program "Health" - Sub "Providing housing for young families" - Sub "Modernization of municipal infrastructure facilities" - Sub "Implementation of state obligations to provide housing for groups of citizens by the federal law?


"Incentive programs for the development of housing entities of the Russian


"Provision of land for municipal infrastructure construction"

"Implementation of state obligations to provide housing for groups of citizens by the federal law"

Service of Public Security «Green Police»

?All-Russian youth movement of the new world

Draft new forms of youth self-rescue and ecology in the places where we live, is designed for management and maintenance of infrastructure eco-city "New World"

The Russian response to Greenpeace - «Green Police Russia" General Security Service "Green Police" - officers of good Will the Earth that are respectful to nature lifestyle. Prevent negative impacts on the environment. Direct perpetrators of cleanliness and order in the correctional work as care for plants and animals.

The motto "Green Police Russia":

"Saving the planet - start with yourself!"

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