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Translated from French

Francophone initiatives for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 (RIO+20)

The United Nations General Assembly, pursuant to its resolution 64/236 of
24 December 2009, decided to organize, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2012, the ?United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development?, or Rio+20 Conference. The International Organization of la Francophonie (OIF) will participate in this conference, as it did the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio in 1992, and the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002. OIF undertook a few major activities to prepare its participation as well as that of its member countries in Rio+20, with the following key objectives in mind:

§ To provide the necessary support (in terms of methodology, logistics and expertise) to member countries to help them to:

- participate actively in the decision-making process under way by providing them with the necessary information and data (development of a portal on the Médiaterre web site and/or other means for communication and exchange);

- raise awareness on their development priorities and points of view by facilitating exchange in that regard (for example, by organizing more dialogue among the French-speaking world to prepare for Rio+20 during various international meetings);

- ensure those priorities and points of view are taken into account in resolutions.

§ To raise awareness of the sustainable development actions of la Francophonie and

enhance its visibility, (through the operating agencies)

  • To foster synergy with the United Nations global preparatory process

The main activities of OIF have focused, and will continue to focus, on the two themes of the conference, namely: (1) a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication; and (b) the institutional framework for sustainable development. These activities are summarized as follows:

1. Conducting of a study on the participative evaluation of the institutional frameworks for sustainable development in the French-speaking world. This evaluation, conducted in 2010 by the Institut de l'énergie et de l'environnement de la Francophonie (IEPF), made it possible to: (1) set out a model for strategic planning frameworks in general and those for sustainable development governance particularly in the French-speaking world; (2) analyze the strengths and weaknesses of these strategic frameworks; (3) assess the progress made towards the international commitments made in Rio in 1992 and Johannesburg in 2002; and, (4) build on the data collected. The book is in the process of being published. A summary was prepared and is available on the web site:
2. Organization of a francophone symposium on a green economy and sustainable development entitled ?Forests in a green economy for sustainable development?. The aim is to set up a working group of francophone experts to take stock of technical and scientific know-how in the French-speaking world on a green economy, and on the theme of forests in particular, in order to set out strategic lines of action for field operations. The symposium will help to: (1) build on best practices, in the various geographic zones, in relation to the declarations of the summits of the heads of State and of Government of la francophonie, including in relation to the Congo Basin and Lake Chad, a ?green wall? initiative in Africa, and renewable energies; (2) draft recommendations to OIF management relating to the contribution of the organization and its member States and Governments to the work of the Rio+20 Conference. The symposium will take place in Lyon, France, from 5 to 7 February 2012. Experts from every geographic area of the French-speaking world are expected to participate. For more information on the symposium, see: or

3. Organization of a round table on energy transition in the context of prospects for sustainable development. This round table will enable francophone stakeholders interested in energy issues to share ideas on new approaches for energy transition in a global context marked by an increasing scarcity of fossil fuels, the fight against climate change, limited access to energy, particularly in developing countries, and to engage in dialogue on bioenergy and nuclear energy. The OIF will share its experience through its energy information system (SIE)[1], processing of information on energy policy and eco-development (TIPEE)[2], and comprehensive centres of excellence on energy (PIE-Energie)[3] projects. For more information on the status of this activity, see: or This meeting will be held on 6 and 7 February 2012 in Lyon, France.

4. Preparation of a thematic fact sheet: ?National profile on the state of sustainable development governance in French-speaking countries?. As a complement to activity 1 above, this project aims to take stock of progress made in the local and national governance of sustainable development in OIF member countries. A fact sheet outlining such progress will be prepared for each country. The final product will help to achieve the conference objective of assessing progress towards the commitments made in Rio and Johannesburg. Likewise, this will facilitate the drafting of country reports. The report will also be posted here: and

5. Assessment of the contribution of the institutions of la Francophonie towards implementation of the commitments made at the 1992 Rio and 2002 Johannesburg conferences. Title: ?La Francophonie: 20 ans au service du Développement Durable?. (?La Francophonie: 20 years in the service of sustainable development"). The aim is to take stock of the actions developed and implemented by the OIF and its operating agencies (International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF), the Parliamentary Assembly of la Francophonie (APF), University Agency of La Francophonie (AUF), Senghor University and TV5Monde) with a view to implementing the international commitments made in Rio and Johannesburg.

6. International workshop on strategic partnerships. Corporate social responsibility and ISO 26000. The aim of this workshop is to set out a strategic partnership framework for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ISO 26000. The workshop will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 6 and 7 February 2012, bringing together stakeholders from the public sector (standardization bodies and national commissions on sustainable development), national human rights commissions, networks of stakeholders from the major groups of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) (including young people, women and consumers) as well as from the private sector (corporations, SMEs). This will be part of the implementation of the ISO 26000 standard in the context of a 10-year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production patterns. This partnership will be put to use at Rio+20.

7. Design, set-up and facilitation of a Rio+20 Internet portal. The aim of this portal is to provide the various stakeholders from the member States with: (1) news; (2) a timetable on the Rio preparatory process; (3) thematic fact sheets; and (4) methodology tools. The portal, on the Médiaterre website, has been operational since the second half of August 2011:

8. Publishing of special issues of the journal: Liaison-Énergie-Francophonie (LEF) on Rio+20. The LEF journal is widely disseminated in the French-speaking world, which gives it a definite impact on achievement of OIF objectives in assisting member States and Governments in the Rio+20 preparatory process. There will be three special issues in all on the RIO-2012 event:

1. A double issue of the regular publication (No. 88-89): ?Road to Rio+20?. The main aim is to assess progress on the Conference preparatory process, take stock of the issues addressed and related challenges and to appeal to French-speaking countries to participate in the preparatory process to ensure that their concerns are taken into account. This issue is already online:

2. A special Rio+20 issue, March 2012. The aim of this issue is to address topics of emerging common interest in order to raise them in the context of the Conference. It will also highlight accounts from key figures of the French-speaking world on the
20-year commitment in the international community to sustainable development. It will be published in March 2012 and will be presented at a high-level round table of the institutions of la Francophonie.

3. A special post-Rio-2012 issue. This issue will provide a critical analysis of the outcome of the conference, the key issues at stake in the decisions made, the operational implication of the two decisions both for member States and Governments of la Francophonie and the organization itself, as well as feedback from conference participants. The issue will be published in September or October 2012.

All the LEF issues will be available in hardcopy as well as in electronic form at: and

10. Organization of a francophone forum: ?young people and green jobs?. The aim of the forum is to take stock of the key issues in the context of the green economy that young people in the French-speaking world face, in the light of the environmental and financial crises and the changes in modes of production and consumption. Their views will be taken into account as part of the thematic issues identified in la Francophonie?s contribution at Rio+20. The forum will be held in Niamey, Niger, in January 2012, co-chaired by
Mr. Abdou Diouf, Secretary General of la Francophonie, and Mr. Issoufou Mahamadou, President of Niger. Prior to the forum, a virtual forum will take place on, and a dedicated web-site. The management structures of the youth organizations which are OIF partners will be responsible for presenting and disseminating the outcome of this forum.

11. Participation in the environmental law science programme of the International Centre of Comparative Environmental Law (CIDCE). The Centre is an international scientific non-governmental organization and partner of OIF on environmental law issues. It organized an international meeting in Limoges, France, at the end of September 2011, to prepare francophone participation on relevant matters at the intergovernmental conference of July 2012. Among the matters addressed were emerging themes and concepts which will eventually be the subject of international agreements (or amendments to existing agreements) in the years to come, including environmental justice, the principle of non-regression in environmental law, a draft convention on environmental assessments, and a draft convention on land use of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).The outcome of this meeting will be presented at the Rio+20 Conference.

12. Francophonie forum for the preparation of Rio+20. This forum will take place in Lyon, France, on 8 and 9 February 2012 and will be chaired by Mr. Abdou Diouf, Secretary General of OIF. It will consolidate the outcomes of the previous processes and other initiatives of the francophone networks and operating agencies of la Francophonie, with a view to forging a common proposed contribution of la Francophonie at Rio+20.

13. Organization of la Francophonie activities during the Conference. The aim of these activities will be to: (1) communicate the contributions of la Francophonie to the Conference; (2) disseminate the tools produced by OIF and its operating agencies; and,
(3) raise the profile of la Francophonie?s participation. This will mainly entail organizing the following:

1. Meetings of French-speaking experts on the key issues of the Conference;

2. Parallel thematic events which will be defined in accordance with activities;

3. Kiosks for presenting documents and products of the OIF and its operating agencies and partners;

4. A high-level round table.

The Secretary General of la Francophonie

Paris, 28 October 2011


Sustainable development is central to the work of the International Organization of la Francophonie (OIF). As in Rio in 1992 and Johannesburg in 2002, the OIF will assist States and Governments in preparing for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, commonly referred to as Rio+20.

This preparatory process, outlined in the annex, will culminate in an international forum which will take place in Lyon, France, on 8 and 9 February 2012. I will have the pleasure of presiding over the opening session of this forum, organized jointly with the French authorities, with the Minister for Foreign and European Affairs of the French Republic,
Mr. Alain Juppé, in attendance.

The President of the Republic of the Congo, Mr. Sassou Nguesso will be attending this forum as part of the Three Tropical Forest Basins initiative in order to raise the awareness of our States and Governments on the matter. The President of Niger, Mr. Mahamadou Issoufou will also be attending in order to recognize the value and support the creation of green jobs, especially for African youth, following the international symposium we are organizing jointly with Niger on the issue of youth and green jobs.

The Lyon forum will bring together all the sustainable development stakeholders from the French-speaking world, whether experts, institutional or academic leaders and researchers, or civil society or business representatives. This will help step up exchanges and dialogue in order to forge joint initiatives on a green economy and on governance of sustainable development at the local, national and international levels.

Accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.


Mr. Abdou Diouf

His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

Secretary-General of the United Nations

Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

19-21 avenue Bosquet ? 75007 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 44 37 33 53; fax: +33 1 45 79 14 98

[1] The SIE is a tool for decision-making on energy matters available to French-speaking countries of the South.

[2] The aim of TIPEE is to help beneficiary countries to better integrate climate issues into their energy policies, by developing a methodology and analytical indicators and by promoting energy policies that are viable and climate-resilient.

[3] PIE-Energie aims to integrate into national development strategies issues relating to capacity-building for the development and implementation of a coherent sectoral policy which takes into account the various dimensions of sustainable development.

INITIATIVES FRANCOPHONES POUR LA CONFERENCE DES NATIONS UNIES SUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE DE RIO DE JANEIRO 2012 (RIO+20) l.'Assernblee Generals des Nations Unies, par sa Resolution A/64/236 du 24 decernbre 2009, a decide de I'organisation, en 2012 a Rio de Janeiro (Bresil), d'une Conference intitulee " Conference des Nations Unies sur Ie Devel oppernent Durable de Rio 2012 " ou Rio+20. A l'instar de Rio-1992 et de Johannesburg 2002, l'Orqanlsation internationale prendra part a cette conference. Pour s'y preparer, eue a entrepris quelques actlvltes majeures dans Ie but d'organiser sa participation et celie de ses pays membres. Entre autres, les objectifs specitiques suivants sont vises :

Apporter aUK pays membres les appuis (methodoloqiques, logistiques et en expertise) necesseires dans Ie but de:

? participer activement au processus decisi onne l engage en leur fournissant les informations et donnees requises a eet effet (developpernent de portail dans Mediaterre etloud'autres moyens decommunicationet d'echanqes, etc.);

? faire connaitre leurs points de vue et leurs priontes de developpeme nt en organisant des voies et moyens d'echanqes permettant cela (multiplier par exemple les concertations francophones sur les elements de preparation de RIO+20 lars des dittere ntes rencontres internationales, etc.) ; ?

les faire prendre en compte dans les resolutions.

o Faire connaitre faction de la Francophonie en matiere de oevetoppement Durable et renforcer sa visitntit», (association des opereteurs).

o Assurer une synergie avec Ie processus preperetoire global des Nations Unies.

Les principales activites realisees ou avenir de l'OIF sont centrees autour de deux themes de la Conference; a savoir : 1) l.'econornie verte dans Ie contexte de l'eradi cation de la pauvrete et du developpernent durable et 2) Le cadre institutionnel du developpernent durable. Ces activites se resurnent comme suit:

1. Realisation d'une etude portant sur i'evetuetion participative des cadres institutionnels du Devetoppement Durable dans I'espace francophone. l.'eva luatlon a ete realises en 2010 par I'IEPF. Elle a permis de (1) dresser une typologie de cadres strateqiques de planification en general et ceux relatifs ala Gouvernance du Developpernent Durable en particulier dans I'espace francophone, (2) analyser les forces et les faiblesses de ces cadres strateqiques , (3) evaluer les proqres realises par rapport aux engagements internationaux de Rio et de Johannesburg, et (4) capltaliser les donnees recueillies. Le livre est en cours d'edition. Une synthese a ete publiee et est disponible sur Ie site :

2. Organisation d 'un Colloque francophone sur l 'econotnie verte et Ie aevetoppement durable intitute « Les torets dans I'optique de t'economie verte pour Ie developpement durable ". Cette activite vise amettre sur pied un groupe de travail d'experts francophones en vue de dresser l'etat des connaissance s techniques et scientifiques dans I'espace francopho ne sur Ie theme de l'econornie verte par une entree specitique (torets) dans Ie but de deqaqer des pistes d'actions strateqiques pour des operations de terrain. Les travaux du colloque permettront : (1) Une capitalisation des bonnes pratiques, dans les ditterentes zones geographiques, liees aux declarations des Sommets des chefs d'Etats et de Gouvernements de la francophonie, notamment les bassins du Congo et du Lac Tchad, la muraille ve rte, les energies renouvelables, etc.; (2) Une proposition de recommandations aux instances dirigeantes de l'OIF pour la contribution de l'orqanisation et de ses Etats et Gouvernements membres aux travaux de la Conference de Rio+20. Le Colloque se tiendra a Lyon (France), du 5 au 7 fevrier, 2012. Les contributions des auteurs sont attendues de toutes les zones geographiques de I'espace francophone. Plus de details sur Ie colloque sont donnes sur au www.mediaterre.arg.

3. Organisation d'une rencontre de concertation sur « la transition imergt:Hique au regard des perspectives du devetoppement durable ». Cette rencontre vise a permettre aux acteurs francophones interesses par les questions enerqetiques d'echanqer sur de nouvelles approches autour de la « transition enerqetique » dans un contexte mondial domine par la rarefaction des ressources enerqetiques fossiles, la lutte contre les changements climatiques, les ditticultes d'acces al'enerqie, notamment dans les pays en ceveloppernent et les debats autour des bioenerqies et du nucleaire. L'OIF y partagera son experience a travers ses projets: SIE', TIPEE' et PIE3-Energie. Plus de details sur l'etat d'avancement de cette operation tiendra les 6 et 7 fevrier, 2012 aLyon, en France.

3, Elaboration de la fiche thematique " Profil national sur I'Eitat de la gouvernance en matiere de developpement durable dans les pays francophones .», En comp leme nt a l'activite 1, eet ouvrage vise a faire Ie point sur les prcqres realises en matiere de gouvernance locale et nationale du developpernent durable dans les pays membres de l'orqamsation. II sera realise pour chaque pays, une fiche etablissant un etat des lieux des proores realises, L'ouvrage final contribuera a I'atteinte de I'objectif de la conference portant sur Ie bilan des engagements de Rio et de Johannesburg. De rnema, cette activite facilitera l'etablissernent des rapports nationaux des pays. L'ouvrage sera egalement peste sur www,ieof.oro et www .mediaterre.oro.

4. Etablissement du bilan de la contribution de la francophonie institutionnelle pour la mise en reuvre des engagements de Rio et de Johannesburg, Titre de I'ouvrage : La Francophonie : 20 ans au service du Developpement Durable. Atravers cette activite, il s'agira de Iaire Ie bilan des actions developpses et mises en oeuvre par 1'0rganisation Internationale de la Francophonie et ses operateurs (AIMF, APF, AUF, Universite Senghor et TV5) en faveur de la mise en oeuvre des engagements internationaux de Rio et de Johan nesburg.

5. Atelier international sur Ie Partenariat streteqique. La Responsebilite societete et ISO 26000. Cet atelier a pour but de mettre en place un cadre de partenariat strateqique sur la Responsabilite Societale des Entreprises (RSE) et ISO 26000. II sera organise a Geneve (Suisse), les 6 et 7 Ievrier, 2012. II regroupera des acteurs du secteur public (Organismes de normalisation et commissions nationales sur Ie developpernent durable), les commissions nationates des droits de I'Homme, des reseaux d'acteurs des Groupes majeurs de ta CDD (jeunes, femmes, consommateurs, etc.) ainsi que des acteurs du prive (entreprises, PME). II s'inscrira dans la perspective du deploiernent de la Norme ISO 26000 dans Ie cadre du Programme Decennal des Nations Unies sur les Modes de Production et de Consommation durable. Ce partenariat sera porte a Rio+20.

6. Conception, mise en place et animation d'un portaillnternet Rio+20. Ce portail a pour objectif de foumir aux categories d'acteurs des pays membres de : (1) l'actualite ; (2) un Calendrier centre sur Ie processus preparatoire de Rio ; (3) des Dossiers thernatiques ; et (4)

7. Edition de numeros specieux de la Revue : Liaison.Energie-Francophonie(LEF) sur Rio+20, La Revue LEF est largement diffusee dans I'espace francopho ne: ce qui lui donne un impact certain dans I'atteinte des objectits de I'organisation pour I'accompagnement des Etats et Gouvernements membres dans Ie processus preparatolre de Rio+20, Au total, trois nurneros serant cons acres al'evenement de RIO-2012, notamment :

1. Un numero ordinaire double (n° 88-891, intitule : « En route vers Rio+20 " . II a pour objectif principal de faire Ie point sur Ie processus preparatoire de la Conference, d'etablir un etat des lieux des problematiques traitees et des enjeux qui y sont rattaches et de lancer un appel aux pays francophones pour leur implication dans Ie processus preparatoire de la conference afin que leurs preoccupations soient prises en compte.

Ce nurnero est deja en ligne www.iepf.oralressQurces.

2. Un numero special Rio+20 en mars 2012 , Ce nurnero a pour objet de traiter des sujets ernerqents d'interet commun afin de les porter a l'attention de la Conference, II reconduira aussi te ternoiqnaqe de personnautes francophones sur cas vingl ans d'enqaqernents de ta comrnunaute internationale en faveur du Developpement Durable. IIsera edite en mars 2012et fera I'objetd'unepresentation a laconcertation de haut niveau de la francophonie instifutionnelle.

3. Un numero special Post Rio-2012. II s'agira d'un nurnero qui fera I'analyse critique des resultats de la conference, des enjeux des decisions prises, de I'implication operationneue de cas deux decisions au double plan des Etats at Gouvernements membres de ta Francophonie et de l'orqanisation elle-rneme, ainsi que du retour d'experience des participants a la conference. Ce nurnero sera edits en septembre ou en octobre 2012.

Tous tes numeros LEF seront disponibles en version papier et seront accessibles en pdl sur: at www.mediaterre.orq.

8. Organisation d'un Forum francophone cc Jeunesse et emptois verts ». La but du Forum est de fairs Ie point sur les enjeux de l'econornie verte pour la jeunesse francophone dans Ie contexte des crises environnementales et financieres et du changemenf des modes de production et de consommation. La reflexion propre de la jeunesse francophone sera inteqrae a celles des thematiques tdentifiees dans la contribution de la francophonie a Rio+20. Ce Forum se tiendra a Niamey au Niger, en janvier 2012, sous la double presidenee de SEM Abdou DIOUF, Secretaire General de ta Francophonie, et SEM Issoufou MAHAMADOU, President du Niger. II sera precede d'un forum virtuel sur www.iepf.ora, et d'un site specifique. Les structures dirigeantes des organisations de la jeunesse, partenaires de I'OIF, seront charqees de presenter et diffuser les resultats de ce Forum.

9, ParticipatIon au Programme Scientffique en droit de I'Envlronnement du Centre International du DroIt Compare de I'Envlronnement (CfDCE). Le Centre International du Droit Compare de I'Environnement (CIDCE) est une organisation non gouvernementale internationale a caractere scientifique partenaire de l'OIF sur les questions du droit de I'environnement. II a organise une rencontre rnondiale a Limoges (France) a ta fin de septembre 2011, dans Ie but de preparer ia participation francophone a la Conference intergouvernementale de juin 2012 sur ces sujets. II y a ete traite des themes et concepts emergents, qui teront I'objet eventuellement d'accords internationaux (ou d'amendement des accords existants) dans les annees a venir tels que : Justice environnementale, Ie principe de non-reqresston en droit de I'environnemen t, Ie projet de convention sur tes evaluations environnementales, la convention sur les sols de I'UICN, etc. Par Ie canal du CIDCE. les resultats de cette rencontre seront portes a Rio+20.

10, Forum de fa Francophonie pour fa preparation de Rio+20. Ce Forum se tiendra a Lyon (France) les 8 et 9 levrier, 2012. II sera place sous la presidenee de son Excellence monsieur Abdou DIOUF, Secretaire General de I'OIF. II mutualisera les resultats des processus precedents ainsi que d'autres initiatives des reseaux francophones et des operateurs de la Francophonie. II permettra de synthetiser une proposition de contribution de la Francophonie a Rio+20.

11. L'organisation a'ectivites de la Francophonie pendant la Conference. Ces activites visent a: (1) communiquer les contributions de la Francophonie a la Conference, (2) diffuser les outils produits par l'OIF et ses operateurs et (3) rendre visible la participation de la Francophonie. II s'aqira essentiellement d'organiser :

1. Des rencontres d'experts francophones sur les enjeux de la Conference.

2. Des evenernents paralleles thernatiques qui seront cefims en fonction des activites.

3. Des kiosques de presentation des documents, produits de I'organisation, de ses operateurs et partenaires.

4. Une rencontre de concertationde haut niveau. Calendrier de preparation Rio 2012

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Monsieur Ie Secretaire general, Le developpernent durable est au cceur des activites de I'Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF). Comme elle I'a fait aRio, en 1992, et aJohannesburg, en 2002, I'OIF accompagnera ses Etals et gouvernements dans la preparation de la Conference mandiale sur Ie developpernent durable, comrnunement appetee Rio+20, Ce processus preparatoire, dont vous trouverez les principaux elements en annexe, sera couronne par un forum international, qui se tiendra aLyon (France), les 8 et 9 fevrier 2012, J'aurat Ie plaisir de presicer la seance inaugurale de ce forum, organise conjointement avec les autorites francaises, en presence du Ministre des Alfalres etrangeres et europaennes de ta Repubtique francaise, Monsieur Alain JUPPE, Le President de la Republique du Congo, Monsieur Sassou NGUESSO, au titre de l'initiative des trois bassins lorestiers tropicaux, sera present a ce forum pour sensibuiser nos Etats et gouvernements. Le President de la Republique du Niger, Monsieur Mahamadou ISSOUFOU, y sera egalement present pour vatortser et soutenir la creation d'emplois verts au profit , notamment, de la jeunesse africaine, a rissue du colloque internabonal que nous coorganisons avec Ie Niger, sur la thernatique de jeunesse et emptoi vert. Le forum de Lyon mobilisera tous les acteurs du developpernent durable de t'espace francoohone. experts, responsables institutionnels, universitaires et chercheurs ainsi que des acteurs de la societe civile et du monde des affaires. II sera t'occesion de multiplier les echanqes et les concertations pour abounr ades initiatives communes sur l'eccnorme verte et sur la gouvemance du developpernent durable aux niveaux international, national et local. Je vous prie d'aqreer. Monsieur Ie Secretaire general, I'assurance de rna tres ha consideration. Son Excellence Monsieur Ban K'·MOON secretare general des Nations urues
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