• Lead-organizer: Agence de l?Environnement et de la Maitrise de l?Energie
  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Date: 21 Jun 2012
  • Room: T-6

Green Economy and Agriculture: Tools for policy makers to account for

Organizing partners

Club France Rio + 20 / ADEME / IRD / FAO / INRA


Climate change and its consequences are recognized amongst the major environmental challenges for this century. These issues impact agriculture and forestry in several ways:

1) The productive systems are affected by climate change and need to develop adaptation strategies.

2) In many parts of the world agriculture heavily relies on chemical inputs, likely to be more and more expensive in the future. On the other hand growing demand for food and bio-energy imply increasing production in the future.

3) Farming, livestock production and deforestation are major GHG producers.

4) Forest and agricultural lands can be major carbon sinks under appropriate management practices.

Considering above mentioned aspects, many carbon calculators for agriculture and forestry sectors have been developed recently. ADEME, IRD and the FAO decided to make a review on existing tools focusing on complete tools that assess most of land based activities.

Detailed programme

Virginie Schwarz (ADEME)

Introduction of the subject /needs / carbon a crosscutting indicator
Martial Bernoux (IRD)

Carbon-foot printing of Agriculture project and Policy
Louis Bockel (FAO)and Dipti Tapa (World Bank)

Application of the EX-ACT Tool in Brazil: the Rio Rural project
Someone from RJ state secretary and Katia Medeiros (FAO)

Tools for Smallholders context
Someone from CCAFS project (Bruce Campbell)

Energy and Carbon footprint in Developed countries the French approach
Someone from INRA or ADEME

Conclusion: Comparison of Available tool at landscape level, and Presentation of the synthesis report (+ distribution in English and French version)
Vincent Colomb+ Ager team
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