Climate Change Forum of Minas Gerais
  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Major Group
  • Name: Climate Change Forum of Minas Gerais
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Keywords: Food security (2 hits),

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Contact: MR. Milton Nogueira da Silva, Executive Secretary. Tel +5531 3225 9922 or Cellular +5531 8828 3225,

General Content: What are the expectations for the Rio+20:

It is hoped that the UN system and the world society (government, communities, business, academia) will reach a consensus on a planetary governance for poverty reduction under a green economy regime.

What are the comments on existing proposals:

a. What are the views on implementation:

The tree UN conventions - climate change, biodiversity, and desertification- deserve be put in place , with full commitments and money.

b. What specific cooperation mechanisms, partnership arrangements or other implementation tools are envisaged

The Climate Fund should be strengthened to implement greener economy and drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels and protect agricultural land and water resources. The Fund should be fed, for instance, with contribution from the developed countries or with a carbon tax to be created. The collected funds should be invested to implement the new recommendations of the conference, especially for poverty reduction.

2. Specific Elements:

a. Objective of the Conference:

The conference should adopt a political decision making process allowing all parties to take part and enter into consensus. Focus: poverty alleviation, Food security, greener economy and sustainable technologies, under equitable governance for all.

Sectoral priorities:

Biomass energy with guaranteed Food security; urban mobility;

Strengthening the transfer of greener technologies among countries.

b. Green economy : decoupling of energy from GNP; education away from consumerism and wasteful society.

c. Institutional framework for sustainable development: reinforcement of UNEP.

d. Any proposals for refinement of the two themes.

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