Mr. Paolo Soprano, Elected Vice-Chair - Western European and Others Group

Mr. Paolo Soprano

Mr. Paolo Soprano was elected Vice-chair of the Bureau for the Preparatory Process of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, representing the West European and Others Group


He is Director of Sustainable Development Division at the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea of Italy.

Born in Rome, Italy in 1950, Mr. Paolo Soprano is a career government official. He has been with the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea of Italy since 1988. Since 2000, he is Director of Sustainable Development Division.
He served previously in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (1978-1988), and in the University of Rome ?La Sapienza? as researcher on Human and Economic Geography (1975-1978).
In his current position he is in charge of International/Global multilateral processes and negotiations on Sustainable Development within the UN, the UN-ECE, and the European Union.
He is a representative of Italy in the EU Council Working Party on International Environmental Issues, head of delegation of Italy to UN-CSD and to UNEP Governing Council, and co-ordinator for international activities within the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).
He has participated in the UN Commission on Sustainable Development since its establishment in 1992, as well as in the Johannesburg WSSD Preparatory Process.
He is responsible for the participation of Italy in the current United Nations IEG process and has been a co-chair of the high-level meeting of the UNEP-IEG Consultative Group.
He is co-ordinator for International Partnerships and Type II Initiatives for Sustainable Development; chair of the International Task Force on Sustainable Consumption within the UNEP Marrakech Process on SCP and supports the UNESCO Decade on Education for Sustainable Development.
He is a delegate of Italy in the OECD Environment Policy Committee and vice-chair of the OECD Working Party on Global and Structural Policies. He served as EPOC vice-chair in 2003-2006.
At the national level, he is responsible for programs and projects for sustainable development and implementation of Agenda 21; implementation and update of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development; promotion of local programs and projects for sustainable development; State-Regions co-operation for sustainable development.
Mr. Soprano is editor of the Minister's Report on the State of Environment to the Parliament since 1989 and responsible for environmental reporting; co-ordinator for environmental accounting, environmental indicators and sustainable development indicators.
Mr. Soprano is also responsible for environmental education and training, including co-ordination of State-Regions national program on education for environment and sustainable development and joint programs with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of University and Research.
He graduated from the University of Rome ?La Sapienza? with an Honours B.A.
He is married and has two sons.

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