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Accommodation levels in Rio de Janeiro are anticipated to be at full occupancy during the conference. While it is not the responsibility of the United Nations to procure accommodation for the media, it should be noted that the Brazilian national organizing committee for Rio+20 has committed to blocking a minimum of 500 hotel rooms in Rio de Janeiro for media covering the conference. Costs must be covered by the media. For more details, visit: For information regarding room availability please contact: Terramar Travel Agency

Emails: or or

Tel: (+55+21) 35120067 or (+55+11) 30142042 or (+55+19) 35145600

Media representatives must present their approval letter and copy when requesting their accommodations.

  • Published on: 12 Mar 2012

Making It Happen: Special Issue on Social Media
Making It Happen: Special Issue on Social Media

In our highly interconnected world, social media has played a role in democratizing information at all levels. It reflects the pulse of society and the tone of public opinion today ? particularly for young people who rely heavily on social networks to engage with political and economic life around them. Social media is a force that will continue to shape the way we communicate and collaborate, mobilize and participate, and will no doubt be essential to achieving a transparent and inclusive outcome at Rio+20.

The world has changed significantly since 1992 when the Earth Summit convened in Rio de Janeiro. The internet has driven a massive economic expansion over the past two decades, as well as created a new way for people to communicate and collaborate from points all around the world.

Mobilized almost entirely though social media, the popular uprisings of the Arab Spring had a seismic effect on an entire region?as well as the rest of the world. Other social efforts such as the Occupy movements also emerged and proliferated thanks to social media, and initiated an important dialogue that has yet to conclude.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ count among the most heavily trafficked websites in the world today. Facebook alone claims over 800 million users who spend a combined 700 billion minutes per month visiting the site while sharing 20 billion pieces of content each month. Over 300 million users ?tweet? a combined 1 billion times every week, making Twitter a game-changer in the field of social media. It is estimated that around 40% of Twitter users are not actually tweeting, but instead only keeping tabs on what other people are tweeting about. YouTube receives over 92 billion hits per month, streaming around 3 billion hours of video each month across its website.

The 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development Facebook page has earned more than 13,500 ?Likes?, and UN_Rioplus20 claims 7,000 followers on Twitter. The official Rio+20 website has collected over 800 photo submissions shared by users to represent a sustainable lifestyle, and received over 700 messages in support of Rio+20 collected in a continuously-evolving word cloud. Furthermore, over 3,000 of you have pledged your support for Rio+20 with Count Me In.

But social media engagement doesn?t stop there. Following Rio+20 on Facebook and Twitter is one of the surest ways to stay abreast of the most important information for stakeholders, daily updates and coverage of the Rio+20 process as it concerns you and your community. With only 100 days to the future we want, start engaging with us online and spread the word through your social network.
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