• Lead-organizer: Population Action International
  • 13:15 - 14:45
  • Date: 18 Jun 2012
  • Room: UN2 (Barra Arena)

Please note that this Side event is taking place outside RioCentro in the Barra Arena.

Healthy Women, Healthy Planet: Women's Empowerment, Reproductive Healt

Organizing partners

Population Action International
Population and Climate Change Alliance
Management Systems for Health


Women are instrumental in determining a family?s ability to survive and effectively cope with the impacts of climate change. Access to reproductive health and family planning is an important part of strengthening women?s capacity as leaders in sustainable development, yet in too many places around the world women?s access to these services is limited. Reducing unintended pregnancies and giving families the tools to determine family size can improve socio-economic status of women, reduce strain on the environment, and improve conservation of resources ? all of which make significant contributions to sustainable development and resilience in the face of a changing climate.

Detailed programme

Why this side event?
Agenda 21 affirms the importance of women?s empowerment and reproductive health, including family planning, as among programs that promote sustainable development. Rio +20 provides an important opportunity to reaffirm the importance of the issues, especially in the face of global climate change.

Expected Outcome
It is expected that the discussions will help inform post Rio+20 frameworks(such as Post MDGs 2015 and Sustainable Development Goals ) and ensure that women?s empowerment and reproductive health issues are recognized as part of global efforts towards green economy, poverty eradication, and sustainable development.

This event will bring together leaders from the environment, gender, and international development communities for a discussion of the ways in which reproductive health, gender, climate change and sustainable development are linked. Participants will share perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in linking these issues in a growing world population of 7 billion, and identify strategies for productive dialogue. The event will provide opportunities for networking among like-minded individuals and organizations from around the world.

The event will begin by screening a trailer of a short documentary, Weathering Change, produced by Population Action International. The film documents how women empowerment, family planning, girls? education, sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation are part of the solution for climate change and development. Following the film, a featured speaker, who will be a representative from the Population and Climate Change Alliance, will frame the discussion by highlighting a rights-based approach to meeting needs for reproductive health and family planning that is centered on gender equity and women?s empowerment. An additional speaker will briefly describe successful approaches that link reproductive health with natural resource management and climate change adaptation. A moderated discussion will follow.
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