Partnership implemented in
  • France
  • Morocco

Additional information
Mechanism for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in developing countries


Government of France - Agence Française pour le Développement (AFD)
Government of France - Agency for the Envt & Energy Efficiency (ADEME)
Government of France - External Economic Relations Directorate (DREE)
Government of France - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE)

Fonds Français pour l'Environnement Mondial (FFEM) (France)
PROPARCO, French Global Environment Fund (France)
CDER (Renewable Energy Development Centre) (Morocco)

Partnership Overview | Objectives

The main objectives of this initiative are the reduction of poverty by providing access to energy services, especially to rural populations, and the fight against climate change by controlling the growth of energy consumption and by increasing the share of energy from renewable resources in the energy mix of the developing countries. The initiative falls within the scope of reinforcing technical and institutional cooperation efforts to facilitate the structuring of national energy policies and the setting-up of the necessary structures for the proper design and realization of projects. In particular, it aims:
- To develop renewable energy markets and energy efficiency through the better use of the existing financial mechanisms, public-private partnerships, and the encouragement of "ethical" savings.
- To coordinate - in a structured, simplified way via creation of a common platform - the main financing steps for projects and programmes: identification and preparation of projects by ensuring consistency with activities supporting the reinforcement of capacities (and, in particular, urban/rural solidarity organizations in developing countries) and investment in the projects.
This initiative is characterized by the involvement of the private sector in all phases.

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