• Partnership scope: Regional
  • Date start: 1 Jan 2003
  • Date end: 1 Jan 2007
  • More information:

Partnership implemented in
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • United Republic of Tanzania

Additional information
Promote Tourism Towards Sustainable Development


Government of Indonesia - Ministry of the Environment
Government of Singapore
Government of Thailand

Major Groups:
Community based organisation ()
Hotel and Tourism Association ()
Local government ()
NGOs ()
Travel Agent Association ()

Other intergovernmental organizations:

Pajajaran University ()
Trisakti University ()

Partnership Overview | Objectives

Main objective of the partnership/initiative:
1. Increase the benefit from sustainable tourism resources for the population in the host communities.
2. Enhancing the protection of conservation area by environmental education.
3. Explore and utilize of depth environmental friendly technologies.
4. Develop technology of cleaner production for supporting sustainable tourism activities.

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