Partnership implemented in
  • South Africa

Additional information
Sustainable Rural Development and Ecovillage Training Program


Major Groups:
International Institute for Sustainable Future and Global Future Net (United States of America)
Int'l Council of Local Envt'l Initiatives (ICLEI) (Canada)
Desertification Research Center (China)
The Earth Council (Costa Rica)
Network Earth Village (Japan)
Global Ecovillage Network (Peru)
Earth Rights Institute (United States of America)
Village Earth (Sust. Village-Based Development) (United States of America)

Partnership Overview | Objectives

The Sustainable Rural Development and Ecovillage Training Program (SRDETP) will be based on an integrated and holistic approach to sustainable rural (and impoverished urban) development, particularly in the 3rd world. It will include a primary component focusing on the ecovillage model of development.

The Program would include an easily accessible information database containing descriptions of the primary programs, exemplary projects, and best practices that are being carried out around the world. It would also provide the means to widely disseminate and share such information. A number of programs have been developed that could be expanded and scaled up to spread such knowledge and resources throughout the developing world and support would be given to field training and implementation projects that can be replicated in other regions throughout the world.

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