Partnership implemented in
  • Japan

Additional information
Transfer of know-how held by Japanese local governments in the field of addressing environmental problems


Government of Japan - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Major Groups:
Japanese local government (Japan)

UN System:
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) (Thailand)

Partnership Overview | Objectives

At WSSD, Japanese Government launched this partnership to contribute to sustainable development by further encouraging the sharing the know-how of Japanese local governments on environmental problems with local authorities in developing countries. This partnership also intended to promote the Kita-Kyushu Initiative adopted at the 4th Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Development held in Kita-Kyushu City in September 2000.

On March 23, 2003, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced the "Initiative for Japan's ODA on Water" at the 3rd World Water Forum. In collaboration with the central government, Japanese public waterworks (operated by local governments) have played a significant role in assisting the ownership and capacity-building for planning, management, and control in the fields of water supply and sewage, as well as developing a network among Asian cities.

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