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  • Date start: 1 Jan 2001
  • Date end: 31 Dec 2022
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In the first phase of the MyCOE program a global contest for student projects was conducted. MyCOE provided resource materials and mentors for the projects. Projects were showcased at the WSSD and at other important international venues. Subsequently, programs are being continuously developed and a variety of special activities are being conducted with a focus on youth and activities that support geographic learning for sustainable development. Regionally focused or topically focused initiatives are geared toward meaningful outcomes for participants and communities in particular places. Program activities also link sustainable development, youth, and geographic learning with the various missions of partners. Recently expanding activities include key elements of interactivity and utilize social media in addition to geographic technologies to enable exchange and sharing among participants in various locations around the world, with each other, among teachers and classrooms, and with partners.
My Community, Our Earth: Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development


Founding Partners: Association of American Geographers (Secretariat) ; UNEP ; Esri ; National Geographic Society ; Also: US Department of State, USAID, US Department of Agriculture, NASA, USGS, InterAmerican Development Bank, National Science Foundation, NOAA, and others. (See

Partnership Overview | Objectives

Our vision is to build a geographically literate generation able to use this knowledge in their everyday lives to bring about true sustainable development. The My Community, Our Earth: Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development (MyCOE) Partnership encourages young people around the world to ask and develop answers to pressing global issues in their own local communities, using geographic tools, concepts and perspectives. Since 2002 when MyCOE was formally launched as a Type II public-private Partnership at the World Summit for Sustainable Development, or Rio+10, we have been encouraging and supporting youth and their teachers and mentors in on every continent to use geographic learning for sustainable development issues that most affect their community. Approximately 600 youth-led projects have been conducted by thousands of participants from 102 countries. MyCOE also provides a platform for youth to connect up these local efforts through shared digital libraries, exchange spaces in our project galleries, and even real-time online video chats so youth can discuss the challenges they face with peer mentors or experts from the partnership. MyCOE connects these activities and showcases them relative to important global agendas such as Agenda 21, Millennium Development Goals, the UN Commission on Sustainable Development meetings in New York, WSSD, and Rio+20.
MyCOE is one of the longest continually operating partnerships of its kind and was featured at the UN in 2008 as a sustainable partnership.

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