• Submitted by: Climate Institute
  • Partnership scope: Global
  • Date start: 20 Jun 2012
  • Date end: 20 Jun 2020
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Partnership implemented in
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Samoa
  • Seychelles

Additional information
Island Economies pay a premium for petroleum due to their isolation and can be spending a significant proportion of their foreign exchange on fossil fuel imports despite having significant renewable energy resources. Given the high premium paid for mineral fuels, it should be economically feasible for many Island Economies to transition their economies off fossil fuels on a commercial basis using currently available technology. In the case of SIDS, the smallness of the market size has been one of the key barriers to the commercialization of these opportunities. However, the SIDS and other Island Economies can work together, with the assistance of an aggregating system, to attract private investment.

This initiative seeks to scale up and support the effort of SIDs and other Island Economies through:

i. Encouraging leadership and commitment by Island Economies;
ii. encouraging stronger coordination, communication and collaboration amongst key stakeholders, including international bodies, aid and implementation agencies; and
iii. facilitating the active participation of the private sector through creating an enabling environment for investment and encouraging the utilization of innovative financial mechanisms.
VISION 20/30


Climate Institute
United Nations Foundation
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Organization of American States
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
Carbon War Room
Alliance of Small Island States
International Renewable Energy Agency
Government of Grenada
Government of Samoa
Government of Tonga
Government of St. Lucia
Government of Dominica
Government of St. Kitts & Nevis
Government of Aruba
Government of Seychelles

Partnership Overview | Objectives

VISION 20/30 is a partnership for Island Economies that is a coalition that calls on world leaders, the UN and all aid agencies; international and regional organisations to join forces and support Island Economies in their effort to achieve energy independence by utilizing renewable energy and more efficient technologies. Island Economies include not only geographical islands but also discrete areas in
developing countries where there is no access to energy.

The entities that are most vulnerable, but have also been most vocal in calling for support, are the Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Several SIDS have already announced targets to become sustainable energy islands before or by the year 2020. If a number of participating Island Economies especially the SIDS are supported to implement their plans through concerted efforts by a coalition of international partners, we could create a blueprint for all Island Economies to have full access to sustainable energy by 2030 ? the target year of the UN Secretary General?s initiative on Sustainable Energy for All. Such a program would not only bring about selfsufficiency in energy for Island Economies but would also have wider positive impacts such as reduction in poverty, improvement in welfare and creation of work opportunities. In addition, these Island Economies could become the models for others and leaders in spreading a global
clean energy revolution.

This process is being launched during the historic Rio+20 Conference at the platform provided by the UN Secretary General?s initiative of Sustainable Energy for All.

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